Consero Global: A Disruptive Force For Business




This visionary company in Austin provides mid-level companies with finance and accounting solutions that were once well beyond their reach. Consero Global’s disruptive formula combines software that incorporates artificial intelligence technology with a live expert support team to ensure the finance & accounting function is up to date and operating in the most efficient and automated way possible. This Austin Fast 50 company is helmed by University of Texas graduates Scott Tynes, CEO, and President Bill Klein.

Combining their passion to help small to medium-sized businesses led them to form this one-of-a-kind company, helping create the Finance as a Service (FaaS) industry. “With FaaS we are making the in-house finance and accounting function as obsolete as the flip phone,” said Tynes. Together Tynes and Klein assembled teams of finance experts in their Austin headquarters, Boston and Bangalore, India, and service more than 250 clients worldwide.


Unique services scales as a company grows Consero Global’s unique approach to finance and accounting provides exactly what each client needs, whether it is simple general ledger accounting or a complete suite of financial and accounting services. For a company that needs just a few services now, Consero’s cloud financial console can scale as the company grows, adding more sophisticated capabilities as they become necessary.
“Our unique combination of team and technology provides greater value than traditional outsourced accounting,” stated Klein. And, Consero’s solutions are less expensive than bringing equivalent expertise in house. “In terms of providing reliable financial information and responding to requests, Consero is first-rate. We can quickly see what is happening in the business today and where to take action to keep the business moving forward,” exclaimed Mark Johnson, president, and CFO of the 100-employee company, Gimmal. With Consero, companies like Gimmal can enjoy Fortune 500 level finance and accounting without the hassle of managing a department’s salaries, benefits, software, and equipment. This frees entrepreneurs like Johnson to focus on the work they love while knowing the back office is being handled.


The Consero difference: technology, experts, affordability
Consero doesn’t just drop off another piece of software to be dealt with by the management team. Instead, the Consero team learns the company’s needs, implements systems and processes, plugs into a single, simple, intuitive dashboard or financial console and supports it with a live team of experts to manage the daily finance and accounting tasks. Consero’s cloud-based financial console, SIMPL, provides real-time data that clearly communicates the company’s financial health to even the most non-financial executive. As a company grows, SIMPL grows, adding capability without complexity. New information all rolls up to the single, simple dashboard. As ever, Consero’s finance experts are also standing by to assist with F&A needs.


No CFO, no problem
When an organization needs to completely outsource its finance and accounting function, Consero offers the virtual CFO. The virtual CFO is an actual person who becomes a full team member, blurring the lines between company and vendor. The virtual CFO gains a complete knowledge of the company and provides expert financial direction. Virtual CFO services are backed by Consero’s state-of-the-art technologies and experts to provide real-time information. “Now I have instant, one-click access to all the financial data when I’m on the phone with investors or in an investor meeting,” said client William Hurley (Whurley), CEO of Strangeworks.

Scott Tynes, CEO, and Bill Klein, President

Consero Global ready to innovate for your company
With recent additional investment, Consero is ready to work for even more companies worldwide. Consero’s Finance as a Service provides financial clarity with predictable and scalable pricing. Consero keeps innovating and is currently implementing an artificial intelligence bot named Simon in its SIMPL cloud console. It’s already simple with SIMPL; access to complex information will become even simpler.

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