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Real-time information drives business decisions. Connectic – a distributor and integrator of digital solutions – supports the transport and logistics sector with its innovative digital asset tracking solutions to optimise productivity and operations.

In the transport and logistics world, managing and monitoring assets can be a daunting challenge – especially fleet and equipment management. From lost equipment to low stock levels, the pitfalls are plenty.

Enter Connectic, wielding the power of digital asset tracking to help its customers understand and optimise their logistics assets through monitoring stock levels, performing automated inventories, analysing equipment usage, and monitoring transport condition.

Data Collection
With Connectic’s state-of-the-art digital solutions, companies can now effortlessly track and monitor their equipment – from purchase to eventual disposal.

These solutions utilise the latest IoT technologies in offering customers robust asset tracking, such as data collection via GPS (Global Positioning System) beacons, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags, or a combination. Its Sensolus© trackers are available in two types: stand-alone trackers and powered trackers, with Connectic’s catalogue boasting a wide variety of tags and sensors to suit every operational need. Connectic’s technological solutions ensure assets from tractors, trailers, cargo, containers, pallets, lockers, and other valuable logistics assets are always efficiently and accurately accounted for.

Asset tracking provides enhanced visibility of a company’s resources, leading to better business decisions, improved inventory management, efficient scheduling, enhanced preventative maintenance flows, and more. Additionally, these solutions monitor essential resource performance metrics, such as utilisation rates, transport conditions (temperature, humidity, and door opening/closing), and equipment status.

In other words, Connectic enables companies to reduce the costs associated with inefficient asset management, optimise their asset pools, reduce loss and theft, and ensure compliance with transport conditions.

Actionable Insights
With the Sensolus© application, all data collected in the fi eld converges onto one intuitive platform, transforming numbers into actionable insights on dashboards – along with positions of assets on geographical maps.

Whether it’s custom alerts, reporting functions, or geographical tracking, everything businesses need is at their fingertips. This information can also be integrated via API into solutions already used internally by customers.

Adding Value for Businesses
Companies equipped with trackers have reduced product loss by 90%, saved 85% on manual recording, and improved product utilisation by 5%, all while complying with required transport conditions. These are inspiring results for companies looking to improve their operational efficiency and optimise their resources!

Real-World Results
Connectic has worked with a number of companies in the transport and logistics sector, including the Jost Group©, to track trailers and refrigerated trailers. The assets are equipped with Sensolus© beacons, allowing valuable data to be collected and centralised, such as:

  • Trailer location via plug & play autonomous GPS beacons (5 to 7 years autonomy)
  • Temperature data recovery from refrigerated trailers
  • Door opening/closing data

In the fast-paced realm of transport and logistics, Connectic is not just a solution; it’s the future of optimised operations.

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