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Providing World-class Support For Sales And Marketing Operations




Conexus Works for You

If you’re a small to mid-size company, we know how to drive your sales & marketing operations—to support your team, serve your customers, and scale up with you. We have decades of experience providing systems and services for commercial operations. And we focus exclusively on small and mid-size clients. We give you only the resources you need, when you need them, without excess overhead. So you can grow quickly with both quality and value. If you’re working hard to grow fast, we can help.

How We Help You

To support commercial operations for growth-stage pharma and life science companies, we provide everything you need…except people and cars. We take best-in-class systems—like Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault—and tailor them for your unique business needs.

So you get the same level of process control, data management, and compliance as Big Pharma—without the overhead costs.To optimize marketing solutions for small and mid-size companies, we provide a wide range of nimble services for you—from creative design to legal approval.

And we tightly integrate your marketing tools with your sales support systems. So we can deploy your marketing assets faster—and at a lower cost—than large, multi-layered, outside agencies.To guide business decisions with science, we provide deep data insights into your customer behaviors and sales/marketing performance.

We take care of everything—from setting up IT infrastructure to cleaning your database to mining your data with analytics. You can trust us to protect your data, identify root causes of issues, and improve your forecasting accuracy.

To help small and mid-size companies operate leaner—and scale quickly to support rapid growth—we provide cloud services. We specialize in cloud-based customer relationship management systems, like So you get the full benefit of CRM integration, without the complexity and cost of maintaining and managing internal resources.

The Conexus Difference

First, we have deep expertise and experience providing world-class support for sales and marketing operations, particularly in the pharma and life science industry. Even more important, we focus our talent and energy exclusively on small and mid-size companies.

We understand the challenges. We speak the same language.And we know how to scale—up or down—with the highest quality and greatest cost-effectiveness.

But perhaps the most important thing that makes us unique is simply… us. We love what we do and the people and companies we help. We deliver individualized service. And we build personal relationships—not just business relationships—that last.

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