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Brainware The Secret To Over 30 Years Of Innovation




Thirty years in technology means there isn’t much we haven’t seen. Consequently—and more importantly there isn’t much we can’t address. And if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that one size does not fit all. We have tailored ourselves to meet our clients’ needs; today, at our core, we are architects and engineers that specialize in delivering solutions for data centers, enterprise networking, cloud, cybersecurity, managed services, and innovative technology solutions.

Sam Haffar Executive Chairman & CEO

It all starts with our team. We have a name for them, their collective talent, and the processes and our custom blend of processes and approaches to solving problems with IT solutions we call it brainware. As in: we utilize our brainware to enable unique solutions for our customers. 65% of us are engineers and technologists, and this brainware, combined with our unique assets—NOC, SOC, data center, and integration facility—help us deliver what customers, when they come to us, don’t always know what to ask for.

One example of our brainware’s prowess is when we developed and built in-house racks for use on a Fortune 100 oil company’s offshore rigs. We were even able to activate the racks remotely—meaning no IT staff needs to go onsite at an offshore rig—and the data they collect through IoT means no human error, which lets the company’s employees focus on more cognitive tasks.

Faisal Bhutto EVP, Enterprise Networking, Cloud, & Cybersecurity

In addition to oil & gas, Computex works with a variety of industries, from government to education, from manufacturing to healthcare. Another recent project was helping a financial institution as it acquired multiple locations. Our solution was an enterprise network called Branch Connect, which allowed us to set up and install gear in each location—all up and running within days. Additionally, our NOC supported the cloud platform, so our customers didn’t have to worry about purchasing expensive enterprise hardware or the manpower to sustain it.


Worth Davis EVP & CTO

For more than 30 years, Computex has built its foundation on the following three simple principles:
1. Delight the customer
2. Develop a fun and creative workplace
3. Provide value to shareholders

The first and third values are easy to see carried out in Computex’s elegant solutions for our customers, and the second is apparent through the company’s recent selection as a Best Place to Work by the Houston Business Journal.

Mike Wilson Regional Vice President

We know that brainware, our people, is the backbone of our success and is engraved into our guiding principles,” says Sam Haffar, Computex’s Chairman and CEO, who co-founded the company in 1987 with his brother Jason. “We are proud of every team member that contributed to this award and look forward to continue making the list year after year.”

When Sam and his brother Jason started Computex, it was a PC business, but quickly expanded to sell enterprise systems and servers to help continue to grow the clients whose businesses they’d tech-enabled. And when virtualization became the norm, Computex led the charge by working with companies like VMware to test customer environments. Computex also built its own version of the cloud and established a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center.

24/7/365 Security Operations Center in Houston, TX

24/7/365 Network Operations Center in Minnetonka, MN

To stay ahead of the curve, Computex also recently built a Security Operations Center.

“We are fully committed to helping our customers with all aspects of cybersecurity, including threat hunting, threat intelligence, threat awareness and threat advisory services,” Haffar said. “All this is packaged into our total security offering, helping companies maintain peace of mind around security.”

Computex’s goal is to leverage its brainware to solve each customer’s most challenging business problems. Its 32-year history proves that it has done this well for a long time and suggests that it will forever have a place in the innovation ecosystem.

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