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There’s never been a greater need for innovative thinkers to share ideas on how we can address the issues — environmental, political and social — facing our modern world. We need an event that unites world leaders, entrepreneurs, tech developers, journalists and talented people the world over; something to give the next generation of technologies a chance to shine.


Collision, which Inc. calls “North America’s fastest-growing technology conference”, is just that.

The tech event was set up in 2014 by the team behind Web Summit to connect North America’s tech ecosystem. Collision matured over time from a niche event for a few thousand tech enthusiasts into a multi-day extravaganza of networking, lead generation and learning opportunities. In 2019, Collision relocated from New Orleans to its current home, Toronto, to accommodate its increasingly prominent place on the North American event calendar.

“Toronto is a global hub, boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and event facilities, and is home to one of the most vibrant tech and startup sectors in North America,” said Web Summit and Collision founder and CEO Paddy Cosgrave before the event’s relocation. “I believe Canada and Toronto have lived to some extent in the technology shadow of America. But that’s changing, and fast.”

That promise has been more than fulfilled.

Now, Collision offers a conference experience that Entrepreneur says attendees will “learn something both new and exciting from”.

Hosted over three days in Toronto’s Enercare Centre, the event invites speakers from dozens of industries to discuss all matters related to technology in fireside chats, roundtable discussions, intimate Q&As and masterclasses. From celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds to C-suite executives such as Ukonwa Ojo, Collision’s cast of speakers is diverse in its makeup and the topics it touches on.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada on Centre Stage during Collision 2019 Opening Night.

Collision takes place across several event halls, showcasing exhibitions and demonstrations from the world’s leading companies and emerging startups, as well as from strategic event sponsors such as Siemens, the Invest in Canada trade delegation, AWS, and Microsoft.

The event floor also has several dedicated meeting spaces and private lounges where attendees can meet, network and generate business leads. These activations are a key part of the reason Collision attracts emerging companies, top investors and world-leading journalists year after year.

Then-ACLU president Susan Herman on Centre Stage during Day 1 of Collision 2018.

Even in the face of global challenges, Collision has stuck to its mantra of bringing people together. For two years, the entire event was moved online, taking place on our proprietary software. We connected tens of thousands of attendees across the globe looking to learn, network and do deals, bringing a sense of normalcy to abnormal times.

Attendees try out Drone Parks Worldwide VR sets.

Returning to Toronto is a key step in our continued efforts to provide a place where people can meet and develop the solutions that will better the world through technology.

Because, even in uncertain times, there remains a simple power in people coming together.

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