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Commercial and industrial buildings account for 65% of energy demand but waste 30% of the energy they consume. This waste results in 300M metric tons of carbon emissions and 55B dollars annually. We facilitate the repurposing of this waste by enabling businesses to save energy and gift excess capacity directly to marginalized communities.


Energy waste and inequity disproportionately affect marginalized communities. The energy burden for low-income households is three times that of the non-low-income households. Low-income and minority populations are more likely to live near power plants, facing exposure to radiation, greenhouse gas emissions and subsequent health risks. These same groups are less likely to afford power and often reside in homes with weaker infrastructure, unable to withstand climate-related weather disasters. This underscores the importance of equitable access to clean energy, a reliable grid, and real time two-way communication to ensure no one is left in the dark.


COI was founded with the premise that a secure and dignified life is a fundamental right; equal access to clean energy resources is a crucial component of this. Traditional solutions to demand management employ shared savings models and lack the necessary transparency for customer interest and engagement. Without the ability to measure and understand energy performance, it is impossible to sustainably manage. COI Energy takes a more holistic approach to demand management; we enable and incentivize businesses to optimize their entire energy ecosystem. Our platform, the COI Optimizer, ensures real-time visibility for utilities and businesses to improve trust and engagement between both parties and among stakeholders. With real-time energy data and insights, businesses are able to detect early equipment failure, avoid peak demand charges, and prevent energy waste. Our customers save energy and sell, trade, or gift the rest to balance the grid and help unserved communities achieve energy independence.

In addition to founding COI Energy, SaLisa Berrien recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of her nonprofit organization that focuses on STEM leadership development training in minority youth and women.  STRIVE has helped countless children and female entrepreneurs gain access to vital resources and networking opportunities. As a new member of the SheEO network, Berrien has joined a community of radically generous female entrepreneurs who share the common goal of a more equitable world.

COI Energy offers a digital energy management platform that detects, eliminates, and monetizes energy waste in buildings to protect the electric grid and reduce carbon footprint.

SaLisa Berrien
I’ve had a diverse career in the energy space; over the last 25 years, I’ve held roles at utilities, startups, and organizations that I now consider competitors. One of the most pivotal moments in my career was when I stood with the executive team of my former company as we went public on Nasdaq. I began selling demand response when there were just 40 employees and was able to experience the startup success journey firsthand. This experience taught me how to thrive at a startup and transform it into a major player.

More importantly, it inspired me to start my own company. Through this success story and the variety of roles I’ve held in energy, I’ve gained firsthand knowledge into what customers want and what they’re being offered. I felt that there was a gap to fill between what they were asking for and what utilities and typical energy management companies were providing. With COI Energy, we set out to accomplish this by engraining transparency and a customer-first mindset in our organization. Fast forward to 2020, and I was featured on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square as part of their Milestone Makers program.

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