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Cocovana allows anyone to escape to a tropical paradise anytime, anywhere. When using the innovative products of Cocovana, you can feel the ocean breeze against your face, the shade of palm trees, and the sand between your toes.

Cocovana was founded by Sheldon Barrett while taking a semester off from college due to high blood pressure. Prescribed medications did not lower Sheldon’s blood pressure enough. To compensate, Sheldon would drink fresh coconut water, normalizing his blood pressure due to its high potassium and vitamin C levels. However, Sheldon could not open coconuts on his own. His father would use machetes for him. Wanting to open coconuts when his father wasn’t home, Sheldon created his own innovative tool. He called it “Coconut Twist.

Coconut Twist is a tool that cuts a 1-inch hole into the coconut safely in seconds. It’s the “can opener” for coconuts! Users can either drink the coconut water with a straw, pour it into a glass, drink directly from the coconut, or pour alcohol into the coconut for a tropical treat. Coconut Twist allows new customers access to fresh coconut water, which would otherwise be unattainable.

This demographic enjoys consuming fresh coconut water, does not possess coconut-opening skills, and doesn’t want to risk cutting themselves. Coconut Twist can also core fruits including apples, pineapples, and pears.  This innovative tool has already won many national competitions and had been featured in Forbes. The first production run of Coconut Twist is currently being manufactured and will be ready for purchase in 2020. A US utility patent has been granted, making this a truly unique product.

Coconut water is currently the fastest-growing beverage in the world, with US sales reaching $1 billion. However, most bottled coconut is pasteurized, which destroys its nutrition and alters the taste. Many stores have begun carrying fresh coconuts across the globe. However, most consumers are required to have coconut-chopping skills. Most people use dangerous machetes and meat cleavers to open their coconuts.

Unlike these, Coconut Twist is safe, portable enough to fit in your pocket, and doesn’t create a mess. Coconut Twist gives everyone access to the tropical coconut treat!  Cocovana is focused on producing the world’s most innovative coconut tools and will be branded as a tropical lifestyle company. Cocovana operates out of the University of Florida’s student incubator program, Gator Hatchery.

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