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Marketing Leadership Through Collaboration and Partnership

It is not uncommon for a business owner or founder to look up one day and find themselves in need of someone to help them with the tasks they can no longer do on their own. It’s not that they can’t do them, it’s more that they shouldn’t be doing them. Depending on the business, industry, and stage of growth, when this happens will vary but it usually begins to bubble up within the first two years.

More often than not, marketing functions are some of the first to begin to cannibalize a founder’s time. They are time-consuming on the best of days and unless you have experience in the field, they can come with a pretty steep learning curve. And, even if you are successful, those successes will become hard to sustain.

There are a number of options to turn to when this happens. The most common is to hire a marketing person with the expectation that they will be able to handle everything from strategy to metrics reporting. But marketing, like so many things, is more than a simple set of tasks that you complete. Marketing is an entire industry; and like other industries, it requires experienced leadership and talented people to be truly successful.

Coconspirator is an Outsourced or Fractional CMO firm that empowers entrepreneurs with flexibility without sacrificing impact. We provide access to strategic leadership, thoughtful creative, and marketing problem- solvers to help guide, support, and execute your marketing.

Our model places a senior marketing professional within your team to focus on goals and lead strategy. Their primary objective is to work within your business to understand your needs and to pull together the plans and tactics that will fulfill them.

Shane Needham Founder & Outsourced CMO

With access to a network of marketing talent across a wide range of specialties, Coconspirator provides the services of an agency with the focus of an in-house team and the scalability that comes from outsourcing. This allows us to execute that strategy, allowing you to put more of your marketing dollars in-market. We mitigate the overhead of a full-time marketing executive, in-house marketing team, or the inefficiency that can come from a traditional marketing firm or advertising agency.

Coconspirator was created from the idea that small businesses and startups have the opportunity to benefit most from seasoned marketing talent and that quality marketing talent will always seek opportunities for creativity and innovation. By paring these two elements together, we are able to produce results and support prosperity for all involved.

We see opportunities everywhere. Whether it be in the rebranding of a local, woman-owned, family-operated, general contracting firm to align their identity with their ability. Or in the medical lab-testing e-commerce brand repositioning and recapitalizing to provide real healthcare and not just healthcare alternatives. Coconspirator is your ally when you need a partner in performance and an extension of your team.

At Coconspirator, we abide by a few simple truths. Connection and thoughtful work are our highest achievements. Connection opens a conversation. Thoughtful work opens minds. Collaboration creates value. Iteration is our most valuable opportunity. Feedback gives us insight. Failure provides learning. Practice drives results. Engagement is our obligation. Authenticity builds favor. Honesty strengthens relationships. Relationships create prosperity.


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