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COALIA is a research and innovation centre specializing in mineral technology, plastic engineering and advanced materials. Our mission is to develop innovative materials, products and processes in collaboration with companies in these sectors. We support them through technical assistance and play an important role in carrying out applied research and technology transfer projects.

With our expertise in polymer science and engineering, earth science and extractive metallurgy, we contribute to the improvement of material or product performance as well as to the implementation or optimization of processes. Regardless of the type of project, we strive to reduce the environmental impact of industrial and human activity by achieving technological solutions that significantly improve the quality of life for all.

COALIA is a key innovation partner for companies, as working with us means having privileged access to the complementary expertise of a whole team of research professionals. In addition to our expertise, we have an impressive pool of scientific equipment and instruments that are at our clients’ disposal at all stages of their projects. Our facilities include a range of laboratory equipment and prototyping devices, many of which are unique in Canada.

Our projects in the mining sector promote the development of natural resources (metals and critical, strategic or industrial minerals) based on a geometallurgical approach combining geology, geostatistics, extractive metallurgy and environmental management. With our knowledge of mineral resources, we can predict the outcomes at each stage of the process, using predictive models to make projects safer and more reliable. By fostering the development of value-added products from tailings and the implementation of innovative processes, we contribute to minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing the economic benefits of mining. In plastics engineering, our research topics revolve around improving the productivity of companies from a sustainable development standpoint. We address the formulation, recycling and performance improvement of polymers (thermoplastics, bioplastics, composites and advanced materials) and optimize conventional processes (moulding, extrusion, etc.) in addition to supporting the implementation of new manufacturing methods such as 3D printing. From product design to process control to end-of-life plastics management, we take an eco friendly approach that benefits industry, society and the environment.

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