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Our Motto: We Do The Present, With Our Eyes On The Future

We are a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, prepared to design and develop integrated innovative projects in all areas where we operate, meeting our clients’ high standards. Our mission is to create value for shareholders, satisfy customers and employees and contribute to economic growth of the countries where we operate.

We collaborate in a sustained way to promote quality of life at work, including working conditions, the development of our professionals, the balance between personal and professional life and the quality of life of the communities around us.

CME was born in 1983 from the dream and the will of a young electrical engineer.

CME is the main company of the ProCME Group and was in its genesis. We started by being specialists in Electromechanical installation and maintenance, but from an early age we realized the need to address new activities. We have been developing technical skills, accumulating know-how, designing methods and processes, preparing professionals and diversifying into other engineering areas. We grew because
we created competencies to articulate all the dominated activities. We have been providing our customers with integrated solutions that contribute to enhance and monetize their own activity. Our goal has always been to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Today we lead in most of the areas in which we operate. Our customers trust us with the realizations of their most important projects in a turnkey regime. But we want to go farther. We use our experience to sustain expansion into new markets and multiple business areas and geographies.

Today, in a logic of proximity to our customers, we have branches all over the country and are present in several countries, namely Spain, France, Angola, Cape Verde and Mauritania. The Group has about 1250 employees, with CME representing around 800.

What makes us different?

With our permanent willingness to do things differently and to offer the market innovative solutions, we incorporate innovation in our daily routine making it an asset. Thus, CME was a pioneer in the introduction of a series of products and services in Portugal, such as: high voltage live line works at the level of 60 KV, use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in the electrical distribution activity, development of management platforms in an AI environment, development of digital transformation systems and autonomous vehicle.

Scope of action:

• Energy
• Electricity
• Renewable energy
• Energy Efficiency & Mobility
• Gas
• Telecommunications
• Geographic Information Systems
• Water, Sanitation and Environment
• Industrial Installations
• Maintenance
• Special Technical Installations
• Construction
• Industry
• Electronics, Software & Data, Robotics
• Smartcities

Construção e Manutenção

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