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CMB.TECH, the cleantech division of CMB, is an active developer and integrator of hydrogen solutions with the focus on engineering, hydrogen production, industry and marine applications.


CMB.TECH’s ambition is to become the reference in the field of hydrogen technology for large-scale industry applications with a focus on the maritime and transport industry.

CMB.TECH has partnerships with several engine manufacturers and retrofitted existing diesel engines to dual fuel and mono fuel. High-speed engines are available for small-scale and high-speed applications. Medium-speed engines are available for heavy-duty and marine applications.


The offer is to cooperate with companies that want to take initiative to start their energy transition. CMB.TECH’s low-cost solution ensures reliability of the assets, control over fuel costs and a gradual energy transition. This control gives partners an advantage over competitors that use fuel cell powered assets.

Because of CMB.TECH’s leading position in shipping and hydrogen economy, it makes sense that it invests in all features of the hydrogen economy which allows the company to offer the best possible low and zero emission solutions to its partners.

There are offices in Antwerp (Belgium), Tokyo (Japan) & UK, with +40 employees focussed on hydrogen technology.


CMB.TECH offers different solutions:
Hydrogen presents as the future of marine fuel.

There are different applications :
• Hydroville: The first certified passenger shuttle utilising hydrogen
• Hydrotug : A tugboat powered by hydrogen for the port of Antwerp
• HydroBingo: The first hydrogen dual fuel 80 passenger ferry project in Japan
• Hydrocat : Dual-fuel vessel used for maintenance activities offshore
• Port Equipment :
» Powerbarge
» Shorepower
• Windcat Workboats : Europe’s leading provider of specialist crew transfer vessels to the offshore windpower industry


Hydrogen fuel is an enabler for operators to reduce their impact on the environment, whilst still maintaining uptime and commercial viability.

CMB.TECH can both retrofit existing vehicles to extend their useable lives, whilst ensuring emissions compliance, and also fit out new vehicles to reduce emissions from day one.

These programmes are made possible by our dedicated workshops including:

• Dyno test facilities
• Engine build workshops
• Prototyping
• Electrical & electronics build lab
• Fabrication
• Model studio

H2 infra
Besides the various applications CMB.TECH also launches the first hydrogen refuelling station in Antwerp. It is the first hydrogen refuelling station in the world that produces and is capable of supplying green hydrogen to cars, buses, trucks and ships. Check out the virtual tour here: https: hydrogen-refuelling/antwerp-refuellingstation/virtual-tour

The engineering department of CMB.TECH has over 15 years of engineering and retrofitting experience integrating electrical systems, fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines in mobile applications.

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