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Clutch was built to enable success in this fluid and fast-moving environment. Since its inception, the reality that technology, data and mobility would continue to transform the way that companies interact with their customers has driven the company’s vision, innovation and development. Clutch started out by using mobile technologies to streamline the way that consumers track their loyalty and gift cards, but it quickly became clear there was a massive gap in the way that consumer brands were using customer data. Beyond just loyalty and gift, this gap was preventing them from delivering the experience that the brands wanted, and more importantly what the customers were expecting.

Consumers are constantly sending us signals with their behaviors and their expectations through the data that is available to us, yet many companies struggle to listen to these signals appropriately and incorporate them into how they interact with their customers. Clutch is solving this problem and transforming the way that companies interact with their customers.

The need for effective data utilization in marketing is at the core of everything Clutch does today – and will continue to do in the future. The business has evolved into an end-to-end platform that integrates data from any system to inform real-time and personalize customer communications. Clutch is continuously innovating its platform to improve its ability to interpret data using machine learning and data science to create rich customer insights that
can be used to engage customers wherever they interact (i.e. on email, mobile, direct mail, and more).

Clutch is the first and only complete customer management platform purpose-built from the ground up to manage all the data, intelligence and communications necessary in our new world to meet these demands. With our team and our strategic partners, Clutch is poised to continue to build on the significant growth the company has created so far.

As customer behavior continues to change, new technologies and data sources will emerge. Clutch is always looking ahead, building and planning for the future so brands can continue to manage successful, rewarding customer relationships that drive the best outcome.

Clutch Holdings LLC

201 S Maple Ave #250
Ambler, PA 19002

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