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Clover Communications advises customers in an agnostic, non-biased format to help them vet available technology solutions, empowering them to make informed business decisions.

When Clover began in 2008, its mission to offer agnostic solutions stemmed from a strong yet simple belief in the power of an informed choice.

“The reality is that when you work directly for a vendor, you are pigeonholed into the limited set of solutions that they sell” says Dominick Callandriello, Clover Communication’s president and CEO. “The reason I founded Clover was to give clients the ability to evaluate all of the available options, ultimately ensuring the best fit for their business.”

Even when clients investigate technology solutions themselves, the time and effort spent don’t always result in choosing one best aligned with their goals. The wealth of information and options makes it difficult to wade through—and when leveraging technology effectively can be the difference between thriving or failing, finding the right solution is all the more crucial.

By distilling all available technology solutions for its clients, Clover can remain completely agnostic, which in turn frees them to relate to clients’ needs and to pull from a world of options in an effort to meet those needs. Clover brings technologies to its customers that they may not know exist which enables their businesses to evolve.

Clover can provide such a broad perspective to its clients because it has invested heavily and has access to tools and software that allow them to extensively assess the various technologies available. They can show their customers all fiber routes from all carriers across the U.S., for example, or data centers everywhere in the world. It gives Clover the power to put different solutions in an “apples-to-apples format” real-time for their clients.

“Our investment in these sophisticated tools enables our customers to make informed decisions,” says Owen Hayes, Clover’s vice president of operations. “It’s one of the things we’re most proud of, the way we can leverage our growing knowledge and industry experience for our customers’ benefit.”

Because most companies purchase technology services about once every three years, they don’t realize the variety of terms, conditions, and price points available to them.

Even if they were well-informed from a prior purchase, the speed at which technology evolves means that knowledge quickly becomes obsolete. Clover, however, negotiates contracts on a daily basis across technology platforms, which gives them an ever-accurate, holistic view of the marketplace.

“As a 20+ year IT leader managing global infrastructure for large enterprises, I can truly relate to our client’s struggles” says Kevin Slate, Clovers vice president of technology. “Clover’s approach gives our customers the confidence that they are maximizing their technology investments”.

But Clover’s commitment to its clients goes deeper than listening to and delivering on client’s needs. Clover becomes its client’s partner in implementing the solutions they have chosen, which ensures that the client benefits in every way they’re meant to.

Clover provides full lifecycle support which includes a dedicated client support manager for all customers. Clover’s support is the difference between their clients simply seeing the way forward and having the ability to make that progress. It can also be the difference between innovating and lacking the freedom to do so.

“Many companies are running ‘lean and mean,’” Dominick says. “Engaging Clover allows customers to be agile in their technology decision making process, which enables them to keep their competitive edge in an-everchanging market.”

While navigating a constantly changing industry and marketplace can be intimidating and time-consuming, leveraging Clover allows clients to focus on what’s important to their business.

“The products we’re selling today are not the same as those we sold ten years ago—not even a few years ago,” says Owen. “There’s always something new, always a new challenge to overcome. By Clover staying in front of the latest technology challenges, we enable our client’s innovation, too.”

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