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Years of practice as a registered nurse left our founder and CEO Jeanmarie Markham with an impeding question that continued to follow her in her career: How can we bring patients the therapies they need as quickly and safely as possible, ultimately improving human quality of life?

In 1999, her pursuit of an answer resulted in the founding of Clinlogix and in focusing her efforts towards decreasing project cycle time and delivering timely, cost-effective, and high-quality clinical trial data. With a compass at the helm, the company operated with three primary guiding points: Innovate, Integrate, and Execute.

Twenty years later, these guiding points are still ingrained in our corporate culture and aid in charting our clients’ innovation pathways. In today’s ever-expanding global market, the requirements for medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies are constantly changing. Coupled with the rapid acceleration of medical innovation and changing regulations, the path to market for these companies is not always clear. That is where Clinlogix comes in.

As a company, we thrive on providing comprehensive clinical services for the development and approval of novel and emerging technologies. Our dedicated team consists of nurses, doctors, biologists, engineers, statisticians, and academics connected by a passion for medical advancement. Our drive and determination in embracing innovative technology have resulted in our involvement and leadership in groundbreaking developments industry-wide.

Our Guiding Points:

Innovate: We understand that the clinical development pathway for each client and product is unique. To meet such needs, Clinlogix, as a CRO, needs to be dynamic. That is why we’ve developed a flexible process that allows us to unbundle core and non-core functional areas of clinical research. Our team of highly experienced and therapeutically aligned professionals, deliver our clients a flexible, scalable global pathway to fit their unique project needs.

Integrate: We often use rowers to depict our service structure. At a glance, rowing is smooth, graceful, and swift. On the surface it looks easy; however, it requires focus, timing, coordination, and power to move forward. Facilitating a clinical trial is much of the same. With constant moving pieces, we must be aligned with our team and client in order to move forward. One person “out of sync” and the boat, or trial, may go off course.

As an extension of our Client’s in-house team, we utilize our experience and knowledge to become a valuable, and accountable, team member seamlessly. This approach enables us to be on the same “stroke” throughout the entire process.

Execute: We have earned an exemplary record for delivering projects on time and within budget. Starting with our extensive front-end planning and consulting, we gain a clear understanding of our client’s study requirements, business objectives and goals. Optimized to take advantage of proven technologies and processes, our services deliver effectively managed programs and results. From timelines to budgets, to regulatory compliance, our client goals and milestones are carefully monitored and bench-marked against metrics, ensuring programs are on course and moving forward.

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