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The next time you grab a pill from your medicine cabinet, pause to consider some of the rather remarkable numbers behind it: 70% of Americans take prescribed medications, spending over $325 billion a year purchasing them.


Pharmaceutical companies spend close to $3 billion per drug to bring them from test tube to store shelf. The testing alone takes 7-12 years to complete and costs around $80 million per drug. If that wasn’t bad enough, roughly 90% of drugs fail before the clinical trials even begin and another 90% fail during the trials themselves. So, the pill you’re holding in your hand is actually quite rare, having survived a long, expensive journey to reach you.

Clinical Ink was founded in 2007 to transform clinical trials, eliminating the inefficiencies that drive up the cost and time required. Clinical trial data collection has remained the same for decades. Research sites still collect data on paper forms and then weeks later transcribe these data into electronic systems, where they can be verified and transmitted to the pharmaceutical company conducting the research. Entering data initially on paper results in errors, delays and ultimately requires auditors to be sent to each research site (scattered around the globe) to check for consistency.




Clinical Ink provides the tools, technologies, and services to dramatically improve this process. Rather than entering data on paper forms, Clinical Ink’s technology allows researchers to enter the data directly into electronic forms running on tablet computers. The data is checked in real-time, errors are flagged allowing the researchers to correct it on the spot. Rather than waiting weeks for data to be transcribed and then checked for validity, the pharmaceutical companies conducting the research receive the data, already verified, immediately. Since the data begins life electronically, auditors do not have to be sent to the research sites as often; critical data and documents can be remotely reviewed and analyzed—substantially reducing both the time and costs associated with bringing a new drug to market.


Our company and our products are focused on bringing drugs from the lab to you as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We are committed to eliminating the inefficiencies that drive up the cost of medicine and delay the delivery of much-needed drugs to those who need them.

SureSource Engage

SureSource Engage SureSource Capture

SureSource Insight

Clinical Ink’s technology platform has four core components:

SureSource Launch: An Internet-based suite of applications used to create electronic documents, data mapping activities, and online training courses.

SureSource Engage: A mobile application intended to educate clinical trial participants, improve compliance in-between trial visits, and capture remote patient data (diaries).

SureSource Capture: A tablet-based application designed to capture clinical data electronically at the time of a subject visit; virtually no transcription on the part of the site.

SureSource Insight: An Internet-based application designed to allow remote access to the electronic documents/data, run reports and analyze data.

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