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Headquartered in Philadelphia since 1979, Clemens Construction Company is a full-service general contractor with an in-house carpentry workforce of 350, which also makes it one of the region’s largest carpentry contractors.

In an industry where innovation is more prevalent every day, Clemens aims to utilize it wherever they can, and it has become central to their operations. Here are some ways Clemens is leading with innovation:

  • Live Webcams  All large projects are outfitted with live webcams. This enables all parties with a vested interest in the project to stay informed. The cameras have also proved useful for logistics discussions and serve as a record for planning review and issue resolution.
  • Drone Cameras  Clemens has been using drones to capture project footage since the rise of the technology in 2010. Drones are used to capture site progress, to document specific milestones (like major concrete pours or topping out ceremonies), and to survey and inspect interior and exterior finishes. Using this technology to review elevated areas also allows for the early removal of costly scaffolding systems.
  • Connected Project Management Software   Having all project management processes connected to the cloud gives clients, partners, project teams and field staff 24/7 access to current project information.
  • Real-Time Document Mark-Up  All Clemens field staff are equipped with handheld devices that give instant access to all drawings and relevant project information. This technology allows manpower in the field to make observations and comments with photo-documentation directly on a drawing, which eliminates any confusion about the detail in question or its location. This quick dissemination of information results in quick resolutions.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)  Building information modeling tools (BIM) are routinely used in the planning process. They allow project teams to view future projects in 3D, which facilitates logistical and coordination discussions before they break ground. Seeing how a building’s structural and mechanical systems interact also allows for more precise estimates and the ability to address any constructability conflicts in advance.
  • Prefabricated Drywall Shaping   Clemens’ in-house carpentry division and mill shop utilizes manufacturing technology to cut and prefabricate repetitive drywall assemblies for cleaner, more efficient field installations.
  • Prefabricated Load Bearing & Exterior Panel Systems  During the design review process, Clemens will analyse the need for and efficiency of using prefabricated load-bearing and/or exterior wall assemblies. Their knowledge of various systems and experienced installation crews have benefitted many project schedules and budgets.
  • Cloud-Based Subcontractor Directory  Having access to a “live” regional subcontractor list that is continually updated by hundreds of local companies sets each project up for success by providing a well-rounded base of bidders.

Innovation is the key to keeping this problem-solving ability at the forefront of their success.

These tools have transformed the way Clemens Construction Company manages and communicates project data, drastically reducing the risk of time lost to miscommunication.  It also enables the firm to solve problems with efficiency and creativity, which is vital as the majority of Clemens’ work are complicated urban infill projects that require creative problem-solving. Innovation is the key to keeping this problem-solving ability at the forefront of their success.

Clemens Construction Company, Inc.

The Drexel Building 1435 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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