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Dedicated to Creating and Innovating New Therapeutic Products to Dramatically Improve the Quality of Care for Patients Suffering From Chronic Wounds

Clear Care Products, Inc. is dedicated to creating and innovating new therapeutic products to dramatically improve the quality of care for patients suffering from chronic wounds. Our Clearikon Therapy™ treatment system offers new plant-based organic treatment alternatives to reduce pain and accelerate wound healing without the need of prescription drugs and antibiotics.

For over four years, our team has been working diligently with veterinarians, nurses, and physicians to help create Clearikon Therapy, a system of products designed to work in synergy with the body to treat and accelerate wound healing for both people and animals.

Clearikon Equine Therapy™uses a proprietary three-step treatment plan to reduce the healing time for chronic wounds. First, a veterinarian sprays ClearSpray™ solution, a proprietary technology, onto the wound area. Next, the veterinarian covers the wound with ClearGel™, our proprietary plant-based organic crème, to soothe the wound and promote healing. Finally, a non stick bandage is used to enclose the wound and protect it from the outside environment.


The Clear Care team is currently working closely with several veterinarians in Marion County to treat horses with chronic leg wounds. Each veterinarian is asked to follow our treatment plan and protocol. One of our first success stories from Ocala involved a horse with a severe hock wound. The wound was so chronic that the horse was not able to train the previous 12 months. The horse was previously treated with several traditional as well as new therapies including stem cells with no success. We introduced the horse’s veterinarian to the Clearikon Equine Therapy™ on June 10, 2019, and documented excellent progress after just two weeks of treatment. She decided to put the horse back in training 30 days later. The horse was completely healed within 8 weeks. The owner who had given up on complete wound healing was thrilled. With this kind of success, a second thoroughbred with a chronic leg wound was also treated with equal success.


The Clear Care team has worked with veterinarians, physicians, and nurses to research and develop revolutionary new wound-care products based on principles of simplicity and ease of use. It turns out that animals and humans have many similarities when it comes to wounds and treatments. Horses and human diabetic patients suffer from leg wounds due to poorcirculation. Both bruise and tear easily and can develop infections from a contaminated environment.

In the future, Clear Care will offer Clearikon Therapy Products to treat chronic wounds in humans. Foot ulcers and pressure ulcers are very common in patients with diabetes. Lack of effective treatment can lead to chronic infection and gangrene, often resulting in toe, foot, or lower-extremity amputation. Clear Care will offer our combined therapy solution targeting chronic, difficult-to-heal wounds with a plant-based therapy system to reduce pain and accelerate healing without the need for prescription drugs and antibiotics.

Karl R. Zawoy, CEO

Karl has thirty years of experience in business development and product commercialization for Fortune 100 and early stage startup companies. He developed and launched products for multiple medical device companies including CD Medical, Johnson & Johnson, Novoste, and Biofield. He currently serves as the Director of the Santa Fe College Innovative Product Development Center in Gainesville, Florida. Karl holds a MS degree in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University and a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida. He is an inventor on 13 patents and a Registered Technology Transfer Professional.

Dr. Stephen Larner, COO

Dr. Stephen Larner, PhD, CPA, MMgmt, is the founder of BioRegency, Inc., a company dedicated to developing and validating biomarkers for liver injury and sepsis and continuing to research potential sepsis treatment. The company is also discovering and validating potential biomarkers for TBI. Stephen has a Master of Management from Northwestern University, a PhD in Neuroscience from University of Florida, is an inventor on 5 patent applications, and has over 20 years of business experience.

Elaine T. Buice, President

Elaine is a registered nurse and horse owner. She has been practicing wound care for 26 years. In 2002, she was awarded “Nurse of the Year” for District 11 in Georgia for Wound Care Innovations. She is a member of the Nursing Association of Georgia and holds a MS Degree of Esthetician, BSN, BS in Psychology, and is an inventor on 6 patents.


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