ClearDATA: Making Healthcare Better




According to a recent Johns Hopkins study, more than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors. Other sources have the number almost twice as high. In fact, medical errors are the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. One of the root causes of the problem is outdated technology and manual processes for information sharing that are prone to human error. Additionally, the 20 million-25 million surgeries performed annually (not including cosmetic surgeries) include 7.5 million unnecessary medical or surgical procedures. The number of unnecessary hospital stays has reached a whopping 8.9 million. We’re all paying the price.


Growing up in a family of doctors, ClearDATA CEO and Founder Darin Brannan set his sights on making healthcare better by changing the massive problem of outdated healthcare IT. He created a company that offers healthcare organizations a healthcare-exclusive, secure, managed cloud infrastructure platform that helps modernize their IT operations while enhancing compliance, privacy and security to protect patient health information, and ultimately break down silos to enable true data exchange.
ClearDATA is the strategic partner providers, payers, life sciences and health related software companies need so they can focus on the innovations necessary to improve patient outcomes. ClearDATA offers healthcare professionals the assurance of its multiple certifications, including HITRUST CSF 9.1, all to create an environment where critical applications and sensitive data are protected across the three major public clouds, be it Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.

The ClearDATA platform gives customers a 24/7 view into their environment’s availability, scalability and compliance through a user-friendly dashboard mapped to the various regulatory frameworks including HIPAA, GDPR, and GxP. And, thanks to advanced DevOps expertise on the team, Automated Safeguards provide guardrails so as companies innovate, alerts let them know if they stray out of compliance with security and privacy and allow remediation to occur.
Unlike some companies that get into healthcare IT as one of many verticals, ClearDATA is healthcare-exclusive and spends 100% of its energy and time addressing the unique challenges the healthcare industry faces.




In order to build the most successful company, Brannan gives considerable attention to culture and recruitment. The company culture centers on three core values: Passion, Innovation, and Transparency, and the more-than-200 team members are as committed to the mission and values as they are to the diverse customer base ClearDATA serves – from mega enterprise providers and payers to smaller software or research companies. “We work hard to recruit well, and dedicate significant resources to professional development, recognition, and rewards,” said Brannan. “And while building a hypergrowth start-up requires sacrifice and hard work, we have fun along the way and celebrate our successes.”

Brannan says he seeks employees who are willing to go the extra mile. “The reason many start-ups fail isn’t tied as much to business practice as it is to the fact founders and/or employees lose their perseverance and stamina when things get really hard. In the start-up world, you have to be willing to muscle through the challenges to experience lasting, scalable success. We’re taking the challenge, and we’re making healthcare better, every single day.”



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