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Once upon a time…

Their story started when Sherif made it to university and kept getting lost in it. At some point, he was so frustrated that he asked a friend, “why doesn’t anyone make a GPS for this place?!”. She replied: “why don’t you make it yourself”. During summer break, he met Mark, told him about his idea, and they worked on it while finishing their bachelor’s degrees and working part-time jobs. This is when FGT came to life.

During those hard-working years, they met with many people who guided them. From teachers like Rodica Cristina Butnaru and Layial El-Hadi, to innovation gurus like Ilias Benjelloun, from Montreal NewTech and it’s thanks to them that they participated in many contests where they came out as winners or finalists.

Turning Point

After winning access to their first Startupfest, Sherif and Mark got to meet Philippe Telio, the festival’s founder. Believing in them, Telio let them map the next Startupfest and use it to demonstrate their app. Most importantly, he was a great mentor throughout the whole process. This is how they fine-tuned their flagship product ClassCompass.

The Product

ClassCompass core purpose is to guide the students anywhere inside their university, pretty much like a GPS would do in your car. The user simply has to enter where they are and where they want to go and VOILA! The application will find the fastest way to get there, whether it’s a classroom, a service office, or even washrooms.

Targeting over 1,066,000 students enrolled in Canadian universities, in which over 11% are international students. This innovative mobile application is destined to be the go-to place for all of them. To make students’ lives easier, ClassCompass also allies with other innovative Startups and integrates them into it.

The Vision

What’s exceptional about ClassCompass is that it’s aiming to bring all universities from all over the world in one place… your phone.

This same principle can be used in many different industries and places such as large events, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, and even large construction sites or mines. To sum it up, the potential is limitless.

If you think about it… isn’t it funny that they had to get lost in school in order to find how to make University a better place.

Oh mY oHH My I'm gonna be late again!! Where in the world is this classroom....

- said no ClassCompass user ever.

Sherif Awad, co-founder of FGT, is a visionary, activist and innovative entrepreneur born in Aswan, Egypt, and has many other entrepreneurial ventures in his pockets. From being involved in extreme sports events like Montreal Fight League to international energy drink contracts, and having a worldwide known blog, he has done it all. Having a Bachelor’s degree in international commerce and a very competitive spirit, he has taken on many challenges. His favourite hobbies are anime series, spearfishing and, of course, Mixed Martial Arts. His favorite quote is: Awesomeness.

Mark Massoud is a young geek. During Cegep, he took a sabbatical year, during which he taught himself to code his first “Hello World” app. That’s when he knew exactly what he wanted to do in life! So he went back and finished Cegep, then studied as a Software Engineer at Concordia University. Driven by his passion and talent, he became a Senior Engineer just 1 year after graduation. He co-founded a Web Design Agency, helping companies like Drone Elite Inc. However, he wanted more than to just bring his clients’ projects to life. That is when he co-founded FGT. Mark enjoys long-distance cycling, Martial Arts, and reading about technologies. His favourite quote is: T’inquièèète!

Future Geolocation Technology (FGT) is a software startup based in Montreal. specializing in Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) with the possibility to combine with digital marketing, data collection, analytics, and AI.


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