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Operators First, Investors Second

We are a group of operators first, investors second. Our team at Clarke Capital is full of experience of building and growing successful companies.

James Clarke - Founder & CEO

We excel in partnering with our management teams to give them the tools to grow, creating a clear strategy, giving access to multiple forms of capital and using our unparalleled network for business development. We have an excellent in house legal department and believe in building IP for our portfolio companies.

James Thayer - Legal Counsel, Managing Director

We have a specialized team dedicated to building, defending, enforcing and litigating IP assets. Growth is the most challenging part of a company’s life. Clarke Capital will help you build the foundations in your business to be ready for accelerated growth.

James Harrison - Managing Director, Miami FL

Clarke Capital Partners

5152 N Edgewood Drive Suite
375 Provo, UT 84604

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