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About CivicWorks
CivicWorks is a specialized planning and design firm built on the promise of community. We bring progressive projects to life with urban-minded change for a more inclusive and resilient future.

CivicWorks focuses on bringing progressive and visionary projects to life through thoughtful planning and compelling narrative. Our process brings together the many voices and interests that shape city-building, balancing priorities and realizing a city that works better for everyone. Because after all, we live here too.

Our space in the city.

The CivicWorks Studio is like our own small city. We are a diverse team of multi-disciplinary innovators and committed urbanists, all working together on a like-minded vision: spaces and places that work better for more people.

Urban minded. Forward thinking.

Our Work
Planning & Urban Design
We focus on growing our main streets, supporting transit-oriented development, advocating for greater housing choice, and other city-building efforts aimed at making communities more livable for all.

Communications & Engagement
We value connecting with the communities in which we work. We communicate openly and constructively, sharing our vision for a brighter future by inviting more folks to the table and making the complex plain

Creative Services
Bridging the gap between information design, branding, and the real-world environment, we help visionary clients capture attention, tell stories, and connect people to projects in emotionally resonant ways.

Urban Advocacy
We foster and support a more vibrant, resilient, and equitable Calgary through Studio-led urban initiatives, professional volunteerism, and industry advocacy.

Recent Awards
World Architecture Festival: Beacon Calgary Mayor’s Urban Design Awards: Peaks & Plains; General Block
Calgary Mayor’s Urban Design Awards: LIFE; West District Alberta Professional Planner’s Institute: West District American Society of Landscape Architects: Radio Park
Calgary Mayor’s Urban Design Awards: Courtyard 33; Village

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