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CITWeb inc. is an information technology startup based in Montreal. Its mission is to build innovative solutions based on a combination of artificial intelligence, big data and the power of the crowd to help individuals and businesses save time and money.

As part of our mission, we have currently two solutions for two different markets:

1) WebHostingSaver.com :

A search and comparison engine for the Web Hosting market. It provides an instant & impartial comparison of Web Hosting services worldwide.

With the increasing number of Web Hosting providers and offers, customers and prospects spend a huge amount of time to find the offers that fit their needs.

Similar to the Trivago® concept which helps people find the best hotel deal, WebHostingSaver.com is the solution to help professionals and businesses easily find the best web hosting offers (Servers, colocation, SSL certificates and more), within their budget and in the location of their choice.

Our solution creates value for the web hosting providers by helping them attract more qualified leads, earn additional visibility and increase their market share with almost no additional effort.

The intent is to provide an easy to use search solution and impartial comparison based on 200.000+ aggregated reviews from all around the web, 1.000+ web-hosting providers, 3.000+ web hosting offers in 40+ countries.

WebHostingSaver.com makes everyone’s life easier and helps customers always get better for less, save time and money.

To learn more, visit our website:


2) TicketAlert.Me:

A mobile application that helps drivers avoid parking and driving tickets everywhere in Canada and the United States.

In the United States and Canada, car drivers pay more than two billion dollars per year for parking ticket fines. This represents one of the most frustrating issues for car drivers.

Parking rules and regulations are different from one city to another and from one state/province to another. In most cases, confusing, unclear and hidden parking signs are the cause of the registered violations.

The negative ecological impact (printing, operations, etc.) and the financial and safety impacts represent some of the side effects of parking and driving tickets in general.

Based on a similar concept used in the IT security field to fight spam emails, TicketAlert.Me combines the power of the crowd and artificial intelligence to help solve this complex problem.

TicketAlert.Me is a very ambitious initiative that will include some exiting features to make car drivers’ lives easier. Making parking signs speak (ParkingSignVoice™), implementing a Fine Positioning System (FPS)™ as an add-on to the (Global Positioning System) GPS, Fire Hydrants Locator™, Parking Sign Decoder (ParkDeKod)™ and more.

At the end of the day, we want car drivers to comply with parking and driving regulations. Our goal is to help make this happen by replacing the punitive system by a collaborative system using technology and the shared economy principles.

To learn more, visit our website:


Salim Djati Founder & CEO



2300 Boulevard Alfred Nobel
Montréal, QC H4S 2A4, Canada

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