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At Logicalis Portugal we help our clients transform their business through IT, and their success is our success. We operate as an IT Solution Provider since the year 2000 mainly in the Portuguese market, and we’re now part of a leading global technology group, Logicalis.

Logicalis is an international solutions provider of digital services currently accelerating the digital transformation of its 10,000 customers around the world. Through a globally connected network of specialist hubs, sector-leading experts (in education, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, retail and telecommunications) and strategic partnerships (including Cisco, Microsoft, Dell Technologies, HPE, Citrix, IBM, NetApp, Oracle, ServiceNow,

Logicalis’ focus is to design, support, and execute customers’ digital transformation by bringing together their vision with its technological expertise and industry insights.

The company, through its deep knowledge in key IT industry drivers such as Cybersecurity, Cloud, Analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI), Advisory & Managed Services and Digital Ready Infrastructure & IoT, can address customer priorities such as revenue and business growth, operational efficiency, innovation, risk and compliance, data governance and sustainability.

From Cilnet to Logicalis Portugal Cilnet was born in 2000 as a result of a spin-off from a bigger company, which at the time represented Dell Technologies almost exclusively in Portugal. João Martins and Eduardo Matos wanted to innovate and grow other business areas, therefore leading to the creation of a new Networking & Telecommunications venture and respectively becoming Cilnet’s CEO and CFO (positions they hold until today).

Cilnet defined its vision and path around becoming one of the leading ICT players in Portugal, which naturally happened due to broadening the offer, providing an excellent delivery and expanding the ecosystem of vendors and strategic partnerships, especially with Cisco.

For the past 20 years Cilnet has successfully been enriching its portfolio in key areas such as Managed Services, Cloud Solutions, Virtualization, Software Development and Cybersecurity.

This has reflected not only in the implementation of many remarkable IT projects in Portugal, but also represented a steady company growth which later led to the acquisition of the majority of the company’s equity by Logicalis in 2019.

In 2021 Cilnet has fully evolved its structure and brand to Logicalis Portugal. Being headquartered in Oeiras has been important for Logicalis, as this area is known for hosting the big tech companies in Portugal and also the HQ’s of many multinational companies in the country.

This has literally allowed us to be next door to our biggest partners and clients, and that has really helped in growing the relationships. Besides that, it is noticeable the effort that Oeiras puts in to further develop the region and to continue to attract innovative players.

Going forward
With the acquisition of former Cilnet, the Logicalis group has strengthened its expertise in Cisco in the European market, and also deepened its’ knowledge on data center, collaboration, networking, infrastructure and managed services.

Being part of this leading Global IT Group is allowing Logicalis Portugal to develop within a more innovative platform, and unlock huge opportunities as a disruptive player at a local level.

We are currently complementing Logicalis’ offer with cutting-edge solutions and quality services that can be exported to any geography, with the advantages of being located in Portugal.



- João Martins - Logicalis Portugal CEO

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