Christine Schyvinck

President And CEO, Shure Incorporated



People All Over The World Trust Us To Deliver Flawless Sound. – Christine Schyvinck, President And Ceo, Shure Incorporated

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Business leaders choose different paths that eventually lead them to their present positions. Each individual journey can provide unique perspectives for unlocking success at their organizations. I’m proud of the path I chose, because it enabled me to immerse myself in the vision established by our Company’s founder, S.N. Shure, in 1925.

Starting my career as a quality control engineer, I was exposed to the types of issues audio professionals encounter and ensured that our products didn’t contribute to those issues. Shure’s reputation is built on quality products, and this Company remains committed to delivering the best products of their kind.

I’ve held a number of roles at Shure and experiencing that diversity has given me a perspective that any CEO would value: a deep respect for what our Associates in every functional area are doing to contribute to our success.

Our Associates put the needs of our customers first. When it comes to audio, customers are very particular about the products they use; they must perform at the highest quality possible.

People all over the world trust us to deliver flawless sound. Shure customers include government leaders, music artists, public speakers, students and faculty, business professionals, theater performers, news and broadcast media, film and television producers, and content creators.

We strive to develop essential products and innovate for the next generation. We are also working on better positioning Shure with customers globally, as our products are sold in more than 120 countries. While our home has been the Chicago area since 1925, our presence has expanded internationally to better serve customers around the world.

As a Company celebrating our 96-year anniversary, there’s a tremendous level of pride throughout Shure about where we are today. But business is changing. Customer needs are changing. And, to be successful for another 96 years, we need to continue our evolution.

It’s a lesson all business leaders should follow: build on a foundation of integrity, develop respect for your coworkers, and focus on customer needs.

We try to do that by helping customers understand the solutions that can benefit them not just for the present, but for the future as well.

One area we have strengthened is our position in the global business space. More and more business is being conducted virtually, so having the right audio conferencing equipment – and support – is essential. We understand that the growing number of devices, end points, and locations created by AV conferencing creates another huge responsibility for IT professionals, so we are actively engaged with customers to provide solutions that make those connections feel effortless. We want our solutions to be seamless for them and effortless for the end user to enable quality connections. Bringing the customer along on that journey helps grow the relationship.

Another area I’m excited about is our continuous innovation. We are always improving our products – or developing new ones – to help meet the demands of our customers. In some cases, we’re working with customers to create new solutions for them. We’ve celebrated almost 100 years in business by not being “just okay” with the status quo.

We’re helping others look at more of the big picture solution for their customers. Not just the right products, but the right software. The right training. The right support. Also, systems that can easily be updated and grow with the organization are important. No one wants to invest in equipment that will be outdated in a year or will not be compatible with new equipment.

Also, responding to globalization is important. Years ago, we’d see requests for six microphones for six rooms at a university. Now, we are seeing requests for audio solutions for 100 rooms to be connected around the world.

Each business has its own challenges but remembering to implement and stay true to core values can be pivotal. We would not have grown for 96 years without the great foundation established by Mr. Shure and his legacy that continues today.

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