University of Montreal’s entrepreneurship center (CEuMONTRÉAL) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, while providing support to entrepreneurs for the creation of scientific and technological businesses in several fields, such as life sciences, biomedical, education, agriculture, law, etc. For over 20 years, the organization has supported more than 400 business projects and has awarded upward of $2M in prizes and scholarships thanks to its many partners.

Activities and services
The Center offers a wide range of activities and services covering every stage of the entrepreneurial journey (from conception to inception).
• Front line coaching
• Entrepreneurial paths (Datapreneur, Innovinc. RBC and Technopreneur)
• Lunch & Learn, conferences and webinars
• Customized classes and Entrepreneurship Awareness Presentations

Front line coaching
The Center provides members of the University of Montréal community with free personalized and individual coaching services. Whether the project is at the conception stage or well advanced, the coaches are able to validate the business idea, assist with the development of business models and plans and advise on start-up and growth aspects.

Entrepreneurial programs
1) Datapreneur (focused on artificial intelligence and data science)
This program propels future entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. The goal: to transform discoveries related to mega-data into concrete applications. Throughout the experience, participants take part in workshops, bootcamps, co-development activities, personalized coaching focused on business and technical aspects, as well as human and strategic approaches, networking activities and mentoring sessions with in these fields.

2) Innovinc. RBC (focused on innovation)
Innovinc. RBC is a series of contests accompanying aspiring entrepreneurs through the three phases of the entrepreneurial journey: exploring the idea, drafting the business model and making the start-up a reality.

• Volet 1 – Innovinc. RBC – Explore
This contest offers participants the opportunity to test the potential of their business idea by presenting it to a jury of business start-up experts.

• Volet 2 – Innovinc. RBC – Draft
This competition offers future entrepreneurs the opportunity to outline a viable business model for their business project according to the Canva Business Model (BMC).

• Volet 3 – Innovinc. RBC – Shape
This competition offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their business project a reality by developing a winning business plan based on their business model.

3) Technopreneur (technology-based)
This program provides the entrepreneurs with the experience of planning the pre-commercialization of a technology resulting from university research. The objective: to stimulate the start-up of technology companies in Montreal.
The path is made up of 4 steps:
1. The business model
2. ko2- Market study
3. Communication plan
4. Commercialization (optional)

Lunch & learn, conferences and webinars
The Center offers several free activities to the public in order to deal with different themes related to entrepreneurship. Either in a dynamic and interactive format, or in the form of a panel of guest speakers, specialists in their field, where they can share their experiences and expertise.

A few examples of the topics covered:
• Seizing the opportunity in the context of a pandemic
• Entrepreneurship and Mental Health
• The impact of technology on health care
• Entrepreneurship and digital creativity
• Protecting the intellectual property of a start-up
• Pharmacist-owner and entrepreneurship
• Building your personal brand

Awareness and outreach are essential to accomplish our main mission, to mobilize and accompany our future entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs by encouraging them to embark on this adventure and stimulate innovation and creativity for businesses that can reinvigorate the economy of society. More importantly, which will bring technologies, products, and services with a social impact. This is also provided by the teaching staff as they perform outreach sessions directly with their classes.

Collaborative spaces
We offer collaborative spaces to our entrepreneurs in order to create synergy and foster exchanges between cohorts and entrepreneurs. These spaces serve mainly as a place of work and meeting.

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