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The maple syrup research, development and technology transfer center, has been a world leader in innovation for the maple industry since 1998

For nearly 25 years, Centre ACER has been stimulating excellence and supporting the quality and profitability of the maple syrup industry. By combining knowledge and vision, this network of true innovation promotes the influence and international development of the maple industry in Quebec and ensures its sustainability.

Comprised of passionate team members, Centre ACER has accumulated more than 145 years of maple syrup experience and has developed a unique scientific and technological expertise that meets the needs of the industry. This expertise is transmitted through innovative research projects, various products specifically designed to ensure the quality of maple syrup, as well as technical training adapted to the needs of the maple industry.

With its 17-hectare experimental sugarbush located in Centre-du-Québec, Centre ACER puts its innovations directly into practice and conducts experiments at the very source of the production chain, which are representative of maple syrup operations throughout Quebec.

Centre ACER also has a modern laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which allows for a wide range of quality chemical and microbiological analyses. Its unique analytical expertise for maple syrup makes it an exceptional laboratory, which is used to ensure the quality of maple syrup, both in terms of safety and compliance with legislative standards. In addition, Centre ACER’s know-how extends to sensory analysis and processing of maple products.

From sap to syrup, Centre ACER is proud to be an expert in all the stages of production of Quebec’s “liquid gold”. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in the maple syrup industry, join the large family of members of Centre ACER, your reference in maple syrup production.


Centre ACER

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