Cendea is an intriguing mix of innovation and the tried-and-true. Innovation can be as simple as “if it ain’t broke, make it better”

Wade Allen, President & CEO (right) and Jim Bledsoe, Senior Partner (left)

Our careers started at firebrand companies like PC’s Limited and Federal Express, better known to the world these days as Dell and FedEx. While innovation has been at the core of these brands, we believe that it takes persistence, depth, and execution to truly differentiate from the rest of the field. We don’t see walls, we see solutions.

Challenges excite us and overcoming them describes us! One of the challenges we recognized was executive recruiting. We had been wired to organically connect great talent to great opportunity. However, when we used recruiters, we were frustrated by their process (as were many of our business associates). We’d seen issues surface at the end of searches which should have been solved at the beginning. People kept suggesting we go fix it. We did and the track record speaks for itself.

Cendea believes that building great organizations is not the result of blind luck. We believe that alignment within an organization, from culture to chemistry, from values to skills, are the prime ingredients in taking positive steps toward greatness. The way we do this is through a multi-phased, proprietary process, starting with our 3-D Analysis™ to fully assess and then articulate a company’s needs. This captures why this is needed from the perspectives of the various key members of the client organization. From there, we identify Impact Leaders™ – people who can help take you to the next level – thus driving a critical Return on Human Capital™ (RoHC™).

We’re in our 25th year of becoming a key Partner for companies across the nation to recruit the right people to maximize their organizational results. We help navigate through this critical process because we have all been executives in multiple industries.

At Cendea, we think differently about our role as a Partner and:

• have avoided the traditional recruiting methodology because we know better results can be achieved

• determine the culture and chemistry required, and then secure a match

• allow companies to choose from several candidates who all clear the bar – anything less should be unacceptable

• deliver an Impact Leader who can help take a company to the next level

We look forward to Partnering with our Clients and making a significant difference! Our focus is on companies that have needs from C-Suite, key management, to high-end individual contributors. Clients love our process and bottom-line results; thus our reputation and referrals take us nationwide.

Our 3-D Analysis should help you understand how we set the bar and then make sure we present truly capable candidates. We allow the hiring manager and company to focus on their strengths while we secure someone that can help take them to the next level. That’s what we’re good at!

Beyond our daily responsibilities at Cendea, we love to give back and pay it forward. We love to help people – we are actively involved in mentoring future business leaders at several incubators and accelerators. Individually, we have held board positions (president, director, chairman) at nonprofits such as March of Dimes, Rice Alliance, Make a Wish and others. Our faith and families top our list of priorities.

We look forward to making a difference! We are passionate about helping people and companies maximize their success. Call us when you’re ready to get to the next level and we’ll secure the right Impact Leaders for you!

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Cendea is America’s Source for Impact Leaders … by Design™. We secure results-oriented executive leaders who will enhance business performance and maximize competitive advantage for our clients.

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