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Necessity is the mother of innovation. Cellows’ origin is no different. In the early 2000’s, co-founder and engineer Kris Bogaerts built and maintained a database of all his clients’ assets to optimize his work. Clients became interested in what he had built. Collaborative capabilities were added and the groundwork of Cellows’ Collaborative Asset Lifecycle Management (CALM) software platform was laid. Later Kris reached out to Erik Avonts, Patrick De Block and Ward Elst, all managing partners at Narato, to bring his idea to fruition.

Why do you need to manage assets?

Machines, people, documents… all a company’s assets that hold potential added value. Maximizing that potential all depends on how items are managed throughout their lifecycle. To do so companies need processes in place that extend the lifecycle, boost performance, prevent breakdown, save maintenance costs, support in regulatory compliance and provide accurate information at any given moment.

Adding the C to the ALM

The above processes are pretty standard for asset lifecycle management tools. For Cellows one element was missing: collaboration. Assets are never standalone items and neither are departments nor companies. According to us, you can only properly manage your assets and maximize their potential by working on it together. Which is why we deliberately added the C to asset lifecyle management and made it the star of our software.

Kris Bogaerts

Patrick De Block

Erik Avonts

Ward Elst

Full control over your assets from start to finish

Our vision on asset management has culminated in our Collaborative Asset Lifecycle Management software platform. Our tool creates a digital twin of your assets to which you can append every minute detail in a uniform and efficient way. You can collaborate in a central digital dossier with all stakeholders throughout every phase of an asset’s lifecycle from conception to end-of life.

The power of Cellows

With our CALM software platform, we solve quite a few grievances of companies managing multiple assets. First, we digitize all information about assets and make them available in a central data store. Gone are the days when you have to combine digital files with paper binders and the expertise locked away in someone’s head. Next, we bring in the collaborative aspect. All stakeholders have access to the same data and can add to it throughout the lifecycle, making the performance of an asset database a shared responsibility.

Our first two advantages result in unprecedented accuracy in the details of assets. When adopting our software for data on an asset, users can rest assured it’s correct, which will prevent unforeseen costs due to incorrect information. Finally, as you can easily access the details kept in our tool, you’ll save plenty of time. Moreover knowing that Cellows can act as a data source and can be used as an add-on for existing and running systems.

How it works

The digital twins in our tool can be expanded gradually as needs arise. Let’s take a pen as an example. As a first step, you can create a ‘pen’ as a single object. You have the option to add lifecycle data to this object such as knowledge libraries, nomenclature, technical details and more. Further down the line, you might want to split the object into components. In a pen’s case, this can be ‘tip’, ‘grip’ and ‘barrel’. To each of these levels you can again add information. If needed, these objects can once again be split into subcomponents such as ‘spring’ and ‘ink cartridge’. By working in hierarchical levels, we create a cluster of related components, giving you an overview of the relationships between objects.

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