Founded in 1996 by Ms. Hélène Desmarais, Chairman of the Board and CEO, CEIM is a true pioneer in Montreal’s startup ecosystem and plays a vital rolemin Quebec’s economic development. Located in the heart of the Innovation District, in a revitalized 57,000 sq. ft. industrial building, CEIM offers a full range of personalized consulting and coaching services that have contributed to the successful launch and development of over 425 companies.

If Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s lips and if Montreal is today considered as one of the most vibrant AI hubs in the world, it is in part thanks to precursors such as BGT BioGraphic Technologies (one of CEIM’s early clients) which, in the early 2000’s, was already developing and commercializing AI.implant (an animation software based on AI), and whose prestigious clients included BioWare, Electronic Arts (EA), Midway, Vivendi, KMW, L3, Lockheed Martin, Disney and Lucas Film.

Acquired in 2005 by Engenuity Technologies, AI.implant’s technology later passed into the hands of the world’s leading specialist in flight simulators, CAE, which sought to exploit its full potential.

Supporting the next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs
Since then, CEIM has remained focused on its mission to support young technology startups, many of which are fully leveraging AI technologies. From revenue optimization (i.e.: Appia, ExPretio Technologies’ flagship product that has been implemented by some of the leading railway companies in Europe) to financial technologies (i.e.: GOLD, TickSmith’s solution that is used by clients such as National Bank and NASDAQ), AI is used in various industries and for a broad range of applications.

While it is true that research has led to considerable AI breakthroughs, and that the province has an abundance of new talents, the challenges for entrepreneurs remain the same.

From market validation, strategic planning and commercialization tactics all the way through to international market development, CEIM supports early-stage and growth stage companies through all key phases of development.

In order to do so, CEIM is supported by the ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec, Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regionsband Scale AI, Canada’s AI supercluster.

What is clear is that our startups that continue to innovate by integrating and applying leading-edge AI technologies are promised to a bright future. This applies in particular to clients such as…

CEIM has been instrumental in developing our commercialization strategy. They’ve saved us a lot of time and enabled us to avoid common mistake. Thanks to them, we’ve also built new strategic partnerships, increased our sales and created jobs.

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