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A unique program for massively scalable science-based technology startups

The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a unique program for massively scalable science-based technology startups. The program supports companies from around the world that have the potential to transform our social, industrial, and economic landscape.

Ventures meet with mentors at five objective-setting sessions over the course of nine months. Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs or technical experts who have founded, led, and sold significant tech companies.

CDL-Montreal is part of a global network spanning Canada, the United States, England and France. In Montreal the site focuses on supporting ventures who are innovating on the application of AI, as well as applying AI to problems along the supply chain.

Key features
• Creation of objectives with the support of successful entrepreneurs and investors that help founders prioritize the right next steps for their businesses.
• Feedback and support from scientists, engineers, and other subject matter experts who are leaders in their respective fields.
• Access to business students at top universities who are enrolled in CDL courses and provide dedicated venture support on a project basis.
• Opportunities to access additional resources through the CDL Community such as network connections, referrals for key hires, as well as investment from mentors and other CDL community members.
• There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity

Selected mentors of the program
• Patrick Pichette Former CFO of Google, Chairman of Twitter, Chairman of Lightspeed
• Professor Yoshua Bengio world-renowned expert in AI and pioneer of deep learning
• Louis Têtu Founder of Taleo, acquired by Oracle for $1.9B, CEO of Coveo
• Frédéric Bastien CEO of Mnubo
• Joost Ouwerkerk CoFounder of Hopper
• Magaly Charbonneau Partner at Inovia Capital
• Sophie Forest Managing Partner at Brightspark
• Sarah Catanzaro Principal at Amplify Partners

Alumni ventures since 2018:
• 8x Labs Inc. • Aifred Health • BioIntelligence Technologies Inc. • Botpress • Clanz • Coalesce.ai • Contxtful • DeepCure • Discover Dollar • ENKIDOO • Extend AI • FIND • Groundobs • Heartex • Heyday • HumanFirst • i-5O • Imeka • InVivo AI •LearningBranch Inc. • Local Logic • Lyrebird • MarketMuse • Merinio • Metricsflow • NeuroCreate Ltd • Optina Diagnostics • OVA • Plotlogic • ReDock • Revelio Labs • Rithmik Solutions • Seqera Labs • Simporter • Stamped Technologies • Stratuscent • Strella Biotechnology • ThermoAI • Tooso • TradeTeq • True Positive MD • Ubenwa • Valqari • Vyrill • Waste Robotics • Zilia

CDL-Montreal is based at HEC Montréal, where it is executed under the leadership of the École des Dirigeants. The program is made possible thanks to:

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