Catalytic Health Partners

Is Passionate About Reshaping Healthcare




Catalytic Health Partners (CHP) is passionate about reshaping healthcare. The Arizona-based population health management company, founded in 2014, is changing healthcare delivery by empowering members served with essential tools and unyielding advocacy for the care they desire and need.


CHP uses a transformational approach to healthcare by addressing the entire healthcare triangle: social, behavioral, and physical health to improve, change, and save lives. Every person that Catalytic Health Partners consults is considered a member. It is personal.

The CHP integrated care delivery model emphasizes social needs first. By applying focus on social determinants first, one of the early lessons learned in reshaping healthcare was identifying the consistent lack of food resources. This finding resulted in training team members on how to quickly evaluate social needs and then find solutions.

The second imperative in transforming healthcare addresses behavioral health. Early on, CHP expanded its behavioral health team due to the high prominence of mental health matters.


CHP’s integrated healthcare is patient-directed in-home services provided by an interdisciplinary team for social needs analysis and support, clinical health assessments, and outcome management. The CHP team offers behavioral and mental health support, care coordination, and case management for high-risk, longitudinal, and post-acute care coordination.

One of CHP’s younger members was disconnected from his family and his health. They worked with him on his goals at home, addressing his depression. As a result, he gained more independence and returned to school. After evaluating his social and behavioral needs, the physical needs were not as severe.


A serial tech entrepreneur, RN, and healthcare executive, CEO and Founder, Susan Cordts created a member care model built on the foundation of people, technology, and data. This enables caring, personalized in-home member engagement with convenient digital connectivity and advanced analytics. With lofty growth goals, Cordts readdressed “smart” growth over fast growth, by bootstrapping the company to expand without degradation of services or impact.

CHP turns data into information, information into insight, and insight into timely, exceptional, and compassionate member care. Every person under CHP’s care is provided an internet-connected tablet with proprietary SaaS to engage members with active learning, telemonitoring, telemedicine, electronic health records, scheduling, and health goal management.




The team members at CHP are passionate and persistent in improving member outcomes by adapting quickly to changes to meet the needs of every member. They often state how rewarding it is to go into the community and build trust with members by merely providing vital support and letting them know they can count on others when many have given up on the healthcare system.

Catalytic Health Partners is contracted by health plans for governmentfunded, high-risk health populations under Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, VA, and dual eligibility programs. The results speak for themselves. In one year, CHP helped reduce costs for their assigned population by 51%, which included reducing ER utilization by 30%, inpatient days by 35%, and readmissions by 38%. The mission for Catalytic Health Partners is designed to help transform lives through their health services and social impact initiatives. This happens by being the standard for healthcare delivery, demonstrating excellent outcomes with lower costs.

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