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Carolina Almeida Cruz

Co-Founder Of And Entrepreneur @C-More – Beyond The Obvious

I believe that I’m going to change the world. I love the sea, my biological family and beyond, my team of leaders of change and above all I belong to the world and the world is mine.

In 2009, I decided to go on a backpack trip to Nepal, India and Tibet to find myself as a human being. I’ve worked as a volunteer with orphans in Nepal, with sex workers in India, and, above all, with myself by accepting both my dark and light sides. When I returned to Portugal, I went through an “emotional hangover” and I could not find my balance.
I went through a process of rebuilding myself and found my mission – empowering each human being to become his/her best version, and the result will be a “mission accomplished.”

In 2012 I founded an organization called SAPANA (meaning dream in Nepali and was my nickname in Nepal given by the orphans), together with three other individuals, and in 2013, SAPANA became a NGDO.

In September 2020, I founded C-MORE because I am good at translating sustainability into business. Raising funds for an organization is hard, but selling services and transforming it into a social enterprise is harder. SAPANA exists without my leadership. It is an example that stands and lasts.

For the last five years, I have stood next to leaders who want to make their companies grow, my role is to make them think in the how to, which effort and which impact.

People are the main drive in any organization, I have been empowering individuals for the last 15 years, regardless of their context. Innovation is not a cheesy word; it is a mindset. It is how we should implement the best with the least resources – doing good, with no harm – immediate or long-term.

Carolina Almeida Cruz
Areas of Expertise: #Business & #Sustainability #Strategy | #People | #Innovation

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