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CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF) connects career seekers and businesses. We train people for better jobs. We place qualified, high-demand talent for select industries. We improve the systems of workforce development. And we share workforce intelligence to drive smarter business decisions.

Pamela Nabors, President and CEO

Central Florida creates jobs at one of the highest rates in the country in a culturally diverse region that supports regional, national and global markets. But hidden by our region’s impressive job growth is a twin challenge. On the one hand, large numbers of people work hard but struggle for more. They have some education – a high school diploma or an associate’s degree. They have passions and aspirations, families to care for and monthly bills to pay. But they may earn lower wages because they need more of the skills employers are recruiting for so their businesses can compete and prosper.

At the same time, high-growth industries like healthcare, finance/technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and others may starve for skilled people. These businesses miss growth opportunities. These industries are impacted because they lack the right talent at the right time.

What these two groups need is a trusted partner to connect them – someone to understand what causes the gap between them and to change the system with tailored talent solutions to bring them together. And that’s where CSCF comes in.

CSCF solves the dual challenges of businesses clamoring for skilled talent to stay competitive and people searching for enduring livelihoods with better wages and the opportunity to grow their skills to obtain a sustainable and rewarding career. CSCF partners as an indispensable resource built to change the equation.

CSCF launches individual career paths through talent development services like certifications and specialized training. For high-growth industries and small-to-medium sized businesses, we consult on workforce development strategies that include internships and apprenticeships, among other options suited to both individuals and businesses delivering talent solutions that ignite potential.

It takes a village of committed people behind the scenes working on the mission. The CSCF board of directors represent diverse industries and business expertise. They work, live and partner in our community. That means they champion the success of our community success because they’re accountable for specific talent development outcomes. CSCF leverages our community partnerships, which gives the reach, authority, and insight to forecast the targeted skills and customized programs that high-growth businesses require for growth.

That unique workforce intelligence empowers CSCF to remove barriers and upgrade opportunities for career seekers at all levels. CSCF inspires people and transforms industries because we architect a stronger employment ecosystem, where career seekers grow into higher-paying jobs, more benefits and more stability, while businesses acquire skilled talent, purpose-built solutions to nurture them and ongoing strategic workforce development to keep the cycle going.

Our greatest bottom line is this: We change people’s lives, transform businesses and create deeper prosperity for our community.

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