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Capstone Group is a leading provider of insurance, risk management, and employee benefits services. Our mission is to provide results-driven solutions that transcend what our clients have come to expect from traditional insurance and benefits brokers. In a world defined by uncertainty, we aim to be a rock for our clients by adhering to our foundation of values: we are people-focused and motivated by genuine compassion for our employees, our customers, their employees, and our community.

When Capstone was founded in 2013, it was not because there was a need for another insurance agency. Our founding partners were well aware of the abundance of competition for insurance agencies and brokerage firms in the Greater Philadelphia Area; however they felt there was a desperate need for client-focused, technically sound risk-management and employee-benefits consultants, and we remain passionate about that distinction to this day. Capstone has been able to differentiate ourselves by applying the global resources of our largest competitors, while still having a fierce dedication to our clients and a service model typically reserved for local, boutique firms. Our experience in analyzing and interpreting marketplace information and applying both proven and innovative products and solutions allows us to make our team’s experience meaningful, useful, and valuable in supporting our clients’ goals.

Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits insurance policies should be just one component of a company’s overall risk management program. Now more than ever, insurance brokers & consultants must act in a strategic advisory capacity and partner closely with the clients they serve and act not as simply a vendor. A partner advises on all facets of the business and aims to improve both top line and bottom line. By focusing on lowering our clients’ overall cost of risk as opposed to simply lowering their insurance costs, we aim to help them achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. From an Employee Benefits perspective, it is imperative that we immerse ourselves in each of our clients’ unique cultures in order to customize a total benefit offering that focuses on the individual employee and their family’s well-being.
The traditional insurance brokerage model has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Much to the detriment of business owners and executives, the risks they face on a daily basis have shifted considerably over that same time period. The evolution of technology, along with ongoing changes to government regulations, foreign policy, and our domestic tax code have opened up businesses to a host of new risks. Unfortunately, the traditional process dictates that insurance companies will respond to emerging risks by simply excluding them from their policies, leaving large uncovered exposures that could be catastrophic for a business unless properly addressed. Our goal when on-boarding a new client, and at every subsequent client review, is to identify all potential risk exposures and to clearly state our team’s recommendations on how to cost-effectively manage those risks.

What we began in 2013 has been molded and reshaped by an array of innovations, regulatory changes, and emerging risks within our industry. Our vision is to set the standard of excellence among risk management and employee benefits consultants by being innovative, financially strong, and continuously exceeding customer expectations. To accomplish this goal, our efforts begin and end with attracting and retaining the very best industry experts and client service representatives as a part of our team. For the first time in 2018, Capstone Group was voted one of Philadelphia’s Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Capstone Group

1120 Welsh Road, Suite 220
North Wales, PA 19454

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