Connect, Engage, Compete! CAPSL Disrupts The Esports Scene With BAASH To Ignite The Next Generation Of Esports Heroes

CAPSL is the developer of BAASH, the mobile social gaming platform helping game influencers engage and monetize their fans via competition. Starting out in Southeast Asia, BAASH targets the 300 million mobile gamers in the region. By using a combination of chat and integrated competitions, BAASH reduces operational efforts by over 60% while providing influencers a path to monetize their fans across any mobile game.

Paddy Markham, CEO & Founder

Started in 2016, CAPSL was always committed to redefining how esports fans compete in and spectate online tournaments. Founder & CEO of CAPSL, Paddy Markham started reaching out to game influencers, interviewing them about the issues they were facing in the mobile esports scene at that time, and whether they would be interested in using a tournament platform that could assist with tournament management, as well as monetizing their fans.

At the beginning, only five responded to the request. However, over the course of two weeks, the passionate nature of the Southeast Asian game communities sprung to life. Word spread like wildfire and soon, there were over fifty game influencers sending CAPSL requests that they wanted to use BAASH, which, at the time was still pre development. The signals were clear; CAPSL had struck a chord, discovering a pain point that was clearly not being addressed. Confident that they were on the right track, BAASH was born.

BAASH is a content creator platform that is focused on mobile gaming & mobile gaming influencers. With its cutting edge technology, BAASH enables grass root tournament organisers to fluidly operate small to medium sized mobile game competitions supporting up to 1024 players automatically.

Using computer vision technology, BAASH is able to achieve a 95% accuracy in match results extraction, helping tournament organisers saving hours of operational costs when running tournaments.

In Southeast Asia, there are over 311 million mobile gamers who generated over 3 billion dollars in 2020 alone. This is paired with game influencers operating over 10,000 tournaments on a daily basis in the region. This is why CAPSL has dedicated themselves to Southeast Asia, servicing BAASH to users of all levels within the region.

Although mobile gaming is on the rise in the West, adoption is still far behind Southeast Asia’s 29.1% YoY growth. To a large degree this is, because in Western countries, access to PC and consoles has been established for several decades, whereas in SEA, a mobile device is likely the only device that players will be able to game on. That’s not to say that Western markets are not significant, and the CAPSL team expects mobile competitive gaming to increase significantly over the next 3-5 years.

Since soft launching, BAASH has grown organically at tremendous speed, holding over 1,400 tournaments in the first 6 months of operation. While having launched only in the Philippines, early and mid-term retention rates have eclipsed industry standards. Paired with the launch of the BAASH influencer program, over three hundred influencers collaborate on BAASH as their go-to mobile esports tournament platform.

At the time of writing, BAASH was in the early stages of growth. BAASH is due to launch across the rest of Southeast Asia in the coming 12 months, while supporting the top fifty competitive mobile titles, and igniting a new generation of esports athletes.


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