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We are a key part of the early-stage development of startups in the region

A Nonprofit, Membership-based Organization Comprised Of Accredited Investors Seeking Investment And Mentorship Opportunities In Early-stage Companies. We aim to increase members’ returns and benefits with our support for collaborative due diligence, education, and screening processes. We are a key part of the early-stage development of startups in the region.

Angel investors traditionally have experience investing as individuals or in small closed circles of friends and family. Beyond financial support, Angels often provide mentorship and help open doors for investee companies by leveraging their personal networks. One or two investee companies out of 10 may realize their potential—and what potential that can be! As a network of individuals, The Capital Angel Network leverages our collective knowledge, contacts, and know-how to help these early-stage companies.

Founded in 2009, the Capital Angel Network (CAN) has been investing in startups in the National Capital Region a decade. Since its inception, CAN Members have invested over $30 million into nearly 100 early-stage companies.

This funding has also leveraged over $200 million in additional investment through government grants, syndication with other angel groups, and venture capital funds. CAN is heavily invested in the region with 90% of the portfolio companies located in the Ottawa region. The portfolio has now seen eight exits that provided a positive return for investors.

It all begins with CAN’s bi-annual Mashup, which showcases the best of what our community has to offer. From there, companies apply to pitch on a monthly basis, and once screened, they are presented to the membership for investment—a process that ensures only high-quality investment opportunities with strong potential for returns reach members for consideration.

CAN actively engages with the Ottawa startup ecosystem by integrating directly with local incubators and accelerators. Given the background of CAN’s 50+ members, our portfolio primarily consists of the following verticals:

  • B2B/Enterprise SaaS
  • Artificial Intelligence
  •  Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity
  • Health and Wellness Technology

However, as a new generation of more diverse investors joins the network, the diversity of companies invested becomes more diverse, ranging from a food-waste recycler to a spectrum analyzer to an RV-Sharing marketplace.

The Capital Angel Network

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