Capella flavors

The Widest Variety Of Great Tasting Flavors, Produced With The Finest Ingredients At The Highest Levels Of Quality And Purity




Capella flavors came to fruition in 2008 in Tom McMahon’s garage. Tom was a senior software engineer at the time and working for Merryl Lynch, but he saw an opportunity he couldn’t ignore and so one day he decided to take a leap of faith and start a business from his garage in North County San Diego. Tom would work late into the evenings and weekends while maintaining his day job for a few years to create a new brand and company from scratch.

The original vision of the company was to provide high-quality concentrated flavors to help enhance the taste of coffee and tea but soon began developing delightful flavorings that could also be used in food and beverages. Starting with just 6 flavors, the mission was to provide the finest quality post-brew flavorings without any fats, calories, or sweeteners.

2013 was a pivotal year in the story of Capella’s exponential growth. This was the year Tom strategically partnered with Joey Allen, owner of Allen Flavors. Tom and Joey hit it off immediately, as they share a very similar background and journey. Both are from the East Coast of the United States and started their own successful flavoring companies out of the garage. Joey brought decades of experience and success to the table, as well as the infrastructure and operations Capella needed to progress to the next chapter in its remarkable story.

To provide its customers with products faster and at a lower cost, Capella now has operations on both the East and West Coast of America, as well as a European distribution center located in Denmark. This means Capella can now deliver anywhere around the globe.


Since 2008, Capella has gone from strength to strength and adapted well to changing customer and market demands. However, one thing that has never changed is Capella’s commitment to providing the highest quality concentrated flavoring on the market. Because of this constant innovation vision, Capella today is an international company with over 150 flavors and shipping to over 60 countries.

Their products are now used in a variety of industries ranging from beverage, confectionery, baking, and fitness. To bring it back home, if you’ve enjoyed a flavored craft-brewed beer here in sunny San Diego, the chances are you have already enjoyed a Capella flavor.

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