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Founded in 1992, financial services firm Cambridge Capital Corp. offers innovative solutions to capital needs for both new and growing companies as well as established businesses.

Cambridge Capital Corp.’s managing director Kenneth J. Mathews brought more than thirty years’ experience when he joined the company in the year of its founding. Mathews, a Certified Cash Manager, leads Cambridge Capital and its associates in a variety of assignments for clients, including design and implementation of specialized financing programs, long-range strategic planning, investment banking services, and venture capital.

Other assignments involve real estate financing and refinancing, recapitalizations, merger and acquisition structuring, and also advice on a variety of debt, leasing, and equity financing vehicles.Long-term in its investment focus, Cambridge Capital’s current client base includes new and growing companies as well as established businesses.

Cambridge Capital aggressively pursues manufacturing and distribution companies that present a substantial opportunity for growth; businesses involved with a proprietary product line; businesses whose products have a particular niche in their market; businesses whose products have a strong technology base (e.g. computer hardware and software, and the healthcare industry); financial institutions that need market access; and independent project owner/operators who need funds for growth or refinancing.

Typically, Cambridge Capital works with well-capitalized, institutional investors, affluent individuals, and corporate clients, representing them as an advisor or intermediary, but in some cases participates in transactions as an investor or as a principal.

Through Cambridge Capital’s resource network, the company assists in seeking additional working capital, funding for expansion, and, when necessary, providing management or operating expertise.

In addition to sourcing equity investors, Cambridge has multiple funding sources for debt. Equipment Leasing, receivable financing, SBA packaging, commercial real estate financing are debt products that are offered.

Cambridge Capital enjoys strong relationships with a range of financing institutions, individuals, and other private sources, providing a wide array of choices for its clients and enabling all parties to get to the closing table in an expeditious fashion.

There is no substitute for experience, and with Cambridge Capital’s history and capable leadership, the firm will no doubt continue its legacy of helping businesses of all sizes to reach their greatest potential.

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