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Calixa Technologies started out in 2019 as an enterprise B2B solution to enhance the discoverability of fashion products based on visual features. Using machine learning and vision algorithms, Calixa powers dynamic, context-aware and personalized shopping feeds, enabling meaningful discoveries through results that are tailored for each shopper and reducing the time wasted in scrolling aimlessly through hundreds of thousands of unranked products.


In response to the significant impact of Covid-19 on the retail industry, Calixa quickly launched its own discovery-driven platform focused on independent brands and emerging designers in fashion and beauty, with the goal of empowering small businesses to access technology that was previously out of their reach while making it simpler for consumers to discover them. As the industry gets propelled into smart and unified commerce, Calixa also aims to contribute to building a more resilient future for small businesses in the new retail environment.


City-wide lockdowns have accelerated consumer adoption of technology everywhere and led shoppers to embrace new services like on-the-curb pickups and on-appointment shopping. There is also an increasingly important convergence between online and offline shopping experiences. The market is ripe for AI-powered solutions that transcend sales channels and unify shopper’s experience across every touchpoint on the path to purchase. As the saying goes, we no longer go on the Internet. We live on the Internet.


Sokmean Nou, Founder & CEO at Calixa Technologies, is a former Program Manager for the Global Key Account Management office at DHL eCommerce, where she had the opportunity to work with strategic clients and industry leaders such as Apple, Amazon, Adidas and many others. With a BBA in Marketing and International Business, as well as professional training in software engineering at the Fullstack Academy New York City, it was only a matter of time before Sokmean embarked on the technology entrepreneurship journey.

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