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My fashion consultant, fashion business gives me the incredible opportunity to make women feel empowered, confident and beautiful

My fashion consultant, fashion business gives me the incredible opportunity to make women feel empowered, confident and beautiful, no matter their shape or size. Uplifting others and striving to make the community that has given me so much, a better place to live. I love using my knowledge and my thirst to learn and grow and my core inquisitiveness and zest for life to stay positive, hopeful, trustworthy and kind. My goal is to pass to my 3 amazing  daughters that excitement and sense of community, so that they never  forget it takes a village or tribe, as I like to call it, to make this world a better place and for them to  realize it fills your soul, being a part of something greater then just yourself.

I came to Gainesville, Florida when I was 16 years old to attend the University of Florida in Aerospace Engineering and landing at the end of my first College “life” with a Master’s in Public Administration (GO Gators!). Public life/government took me from Alachua County and being the Acting Budget Director and Supervisor, to the City of Gainesville as a Budget/Management Analyst. And as the demand of parenthood grew, not even slowing the pace of my public career was enough, so I left my public career and decided I had a more important calling, being a Mom. My greatest superpower and my heart was blessed, as I had the opportunity to be a parent to 3 of the most AMAZING young women EVER. But, becoming a widow while they were all still teenagers was not part of the plan and traumatic to say the least, requiring me to reinvent myself and my journey in life. Since then, over the last 4 years, I have had successes and failures; smiles and tears; hope and sadness. My landing place, because all Superhero’s need to land every once and while, right?

Well that is still to be determined. My intense love for my community and the tribe that has uplifted me has allowed me to be the Rookie of the Year and future Board of Director member of Gainesville Rotary Club and Advisory Board Member and Fundraising Co-Chair for the Bourbon and BBQ Fundraiser at the Ronald McDonald House of North Central Florida. My advocacy of issues related to domestic abuse, literacy and confidence building have landed me in the areas of Take Stock in Children, University of Florida Career  Center and Peaceful Paths Domestic Violence Agency. My curiosity and determination to growth and excitement about life have lead me to being a part of a Worldwide Community of Dreamaniac TV and Local Gainesville Innovators and Technology Gurus. My superpower, fueled by my tribe and my zest for life, is seeing endless possibilities and working to live a life with no regrets.

I am my brand, Leza. I see myself as an innovator and a Local Small Business Owner. In this new age of women and men who have decided to grow, reach and shine, I strive to be something bigger than the roles that define us. I LOVE being surrounding by bright, talented people who are inquisitive, sharp as hell and fun!

My brand, Leza, my journey, which is far from over, provides women and men the opportunity to see that no one can define, label, or place you in a box based on what’s happened to you or some insignificant shallow view of what you should become. Shine and create your own story. Stand tall and realize you are stronger than you think, smarter than your ever imagined and that God has plans for you. Leza, Cabi Style with Leza, Leza the Mom, Rotarian, Board of Director Member, University of Florida Speaker, Woman is many things and my journey and positive influence on my community is far from over. In fact, it just beginning and my sincerest hope is that I provide a vision that anyone can change their life and shine. Be something more than they or you ever expected!

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