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C2T3’s mission is to contribute to technological innovation and the economic growth of businesses in the sectors of telecommunications, the Internet of Things, 5G networks and smart connectivity. As a hub of excellence in telecommunications, we develop technological innovation processes to promote knowledge, expertise, research and innovation regionally and nationwide.

The telecommunications market is highly regulated by various government agencies, established according to protocols based on technology standards, and operated under international reliability and security guidelines. C2T3 stands out as the only Canadian centre for the transfer of telecommunications technology offering a full range of secure technological solutions tailored to the needs of SMEs. The CCTT’s distinctiveness lies in the development of cutting-edge information transfer solutions that meet the increased range, speed, security, and interoperability requirements of the telecommunications market.

From conceptual design to the development of working prototypes to ISO 17025 testing and calibration, our work covers the entire value chain, with areas of specialization including:

  • Applied research in wired and wireless telecommunications
  • Development of interconnected device and sensor technologies
  • Development of artificial intelligence applications for edge and cloud computing
  • Telecommunications management: security, interoperability, outsourcing, regulations
  • Development of the Internet of Things in urban, industrial and commercial settings
  • Networking and telemetry for logistics, building automation, transportation, industry, etc.
  • Development of 5G smart connectivity
  • Development of connectivity in remote areas
  • Design and prototyping of innovative telecom products
  • Electronics and embedded programming for telecommunications applications
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
  • Radio-frequency metrology covering wireless telecommunications bands
  • Characterization and optimization of telecommunications antennas
  • Training for telecommunications staff and students

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