Human Rights Are The Foundation Of A Healthy Society And Sustainable Business

Who are We?

C-MORE is a socially-driven company supporting international organizations, companies and NGO’s in reaching their objectives on creating sustainable impact from their activities.

Our Manifesto

We are humans, all of us.
It is almost absurd stating such a fact.
Do we sometimes forget that?
Are we creating the best version of our world?
Are we thriving for the most accurate version of economy?
We are side-by-side with each of you.
We aim that each company does business, doing no harm.
We believe in regenerating each company.
Society’s most challenging and demanding problems cannot be solved by government and non-profits alone.

Companies are one of the main axes to create impact.

And we, our community of experts, are wired to TRANSLATE SUSTAINABILITY INTO BUSINESS.
We make it simpler.

We make your business 3-fold sustainable.

Our Approach

The concept of sustainability, is connected with the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and ecological. Only when these three pillars are united, it is possible to achieve sustainable development. However, as a result of our experience in SAPANA, an NGDO, we suggest the addition of a new pillar: The Individual.

The reason why:

• We are experts in empowering individuals to become agents of change in their context.
• We are experts in the social pillar.

Our Services


Consultancy in management, sustainability and strategy

• Training in management, sustainability and strategy
• Impact Measurement
•Sustainability Assessment
• Sustainability report
• Impact report


C-MORE´s expertise is in S – Social, one of the ESG criteria and, following our approach.
Zooming into the social area, measuring and consolidating its subcategories, the Environment and Governance areas will also be positively impacted.


Consider the company´s environmental impact through its value chain.

i.e. Climate changes, Energetic emissions, Waste management.


Assess how the company manages its relationship with employees, providers, community and clients. i.e. Health and wellbeing, Safety, and Diversity.


Assess the internal policies. Commitments and reports. i.e. Shareholder’s rights, Diversity, Risk Assessment and Auditing.

Our Trainings are about:

Soft skills | Management, Sustainability and Strategy | Team Building | Leadership | Individual sessions

And they are:

Dynamic | Impactful | Out of the Box | Inspirational | Hands-on

Experience and Awards

C-MORE is a setup of a multidisciplinary and experienced team with several results achieved in the last eight (8) years, namely:

• Constitution of the NGDO SAPANA,a reference Organization in Portugal and not only for the work developed
in empowering individuals for their social and professional integration, as for creating sustainability departments within the corporate sector.

• SAPANA’s Breaking Bars project is one of the 30 selected worldwide case studies by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe International –PPP Forum

.• Grameen Bank (Muhammad Yunus Foundation) recognized SAPANA as an example of Social Economy.

• Ashoka, a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs, appoints Carolina Almeida Cruz as Changemaker and was recognized by Women Economic Forum AWARD – Iconic Women Creating a Better World for ALL.

• SAPANA received an Honourable Mention at the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Award.

• Our consultants work(ed) for globally recognized organizations and studied in best-in-class programs in institutions such as: IMD Business School, Financials and Stewardship for Non-Profits at Harvard; Entrepreneurship, Social Impact and Innovation at the United Nations University for Peace; Positive Psychology at the University for Peace; Seth Godin MBA, IHCOS Humanistic Coaching and Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University.


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