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Imagine yourself at a football game, standing in front of a concession stand line with 30 people in front of you. You are hungry, thirsty, and just missed watching your favorite team score a touchdown. How does that make you feel? But, what if your phone could help you solve all of the frustration that you are feeling? With Byppo, you can now order food (and also souvenirs!) at your fingertips without having to go through the hassle of downloading an app, standing in line, and missing any part of the game that you came to watch and enjoy.

Victoria Liu was on the path of finishing both her bachelors and masters degree in accounting at University of Florida, when the idea came to her at a football game in September 2018. She was hungry for food and quickly became frustrated at how unbelievably long the lines were at the concession stands.

She thought about other people that are also facing the same problem and feeling the same frustration as her— from parents that have children, elders who have difficulty standing and walking, disabled people, and just hardcore fans that don’t want to miss a second of the game. From there, Byppo was born.

Byppo focuses on changing the way people order food or other products where-ever they may be with long lines to stand in — They may be at a large sporting game, concert venue, or even at a restaurant. We want our customers to not stand in a single line ever again and help chomp the lines by using the Byppo web-app!

The Byppo web-app began development in early July 2019, beta testing in end of August 2019 at our first sporting venue Gator Ball Academy, and launched live on September 25, 2019 with real customers ordering on the platform. Since then, our client base has expanded tremendously and have received nothing but positive feedback 7from everyone working with Byppo.

Byppo currently offers vendors and customers 4 different service options — pre-ordering, express pick-up, table delivery, and in-seat delivery. All of these services meet our mission to chomp the line by ordering online! Our goals going forward is to expand to even more and larger venues and bring in more features that will continue to make our customers happy!

“Byppo is one of the most user friendly platforms that I have experienced. It is a great way to showcase our products while being efficient in ordering and customer outreach. Byppo allows us to connect with customers individually through an easy platform. We are able to customize our products and service without compromising time and individuality. We are so proud to be part of the Byppo team!
—Nataly Meth, Owner of Cilantro Tacos

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