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In the face of the obstacles challenging the augmented reality community, the BUNDLAR platform makes AR simple, affordable, and accessible to the average creator. We accomplish this with our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) and integrated mobile application. Instead of hiring expensive developers to build AR experiences, businesses and institutions can easily create their own AR content within minutes, not weeks or months. BUNDLAR’s simple and intuitive system allows for anyone to produce high-quality experiences without any programming skills or prior knowledge of how the technology works. Combined with our robust analytics, organizations can measure and optimize their user experiences to best tailor them to a specific audience.

IMPORTANCE OF INNOVATION The BUNDLAR platform is unlike any augmented reality solution in the market because AR experiences are bundled together. Instead of a single experience, one QR code or Bundle code can launch multiple experiences that are bundled together, reducing the need for the audience to start over with every new trigger. This allows users to seamlessly jump from experience to experience, regardless of the trigger type. BUNDLAR also allows users to analyze interactions and publish updates to their experiences to improve results, achieve desired outcomes, and optimize content. BUNDLAR technology also ensures all AR experiences are strong, stable, and reliable by ‘bundling’ many AR experiences in the cloud. Then, once they are downloaded on a device, users can engage with many related AR experiences without constantly needing to connect to the cloud or relying on a strong internet connection.

Augmented reality is the future of how we interact with content, and our mission is to make it as accessible as possible. Our innovative no code software is speeding up the adoption of this technology, and successfully delivering the results our clients want and need.


Since its inception, BUNDLAR has had a strong focus on expanding the capabilities of AR technology. Over the course of 2021, BUNDLAR was recognized in several ways for its innovations and contributions to the AR industry. The following awards and nominations are proof that BUNDLAR is starting to be recognized as a leader within the AR environment:

  • 2021 WorldFestival Innovation Award Winner
  • Small Business Awards – Most Innovative Augmented Reality Startup 2021 Winner
  • 2021 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award Winner
  • 1871 Momentum Awards 2021 – Rising Star Award Finalist

In just the past year, BUNDLAR was also awarded Phase I and Phase II SBIR Contracts by the United States Air Force, which has led to piloting AR training with Space Force and other DOD agencies. After an extremely successful pilot with Microsoft Xbox resulting in a 49% ROI, BUNDLAR is currently developing additional custom solutions for Microsoft Xbox. Other notable customers successfully utilizing AR solutions powered by BUNDLAR include: Thermo Fisher, Parker Hannifin, US Air Force, P&G, ASU,Freshie, DuSable Museum of African American History, SLU Madrid, Allyis, SmartCentres, and more.

In addition, over the course of 2021 BUNDLAR experienced a 3800% increase in base application installs; added Marker-less AR; established dedicated QA/QC, Customer Success, and Sales teams; and grew the engineering team by 150%, and we’re just getting started.


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