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Bucketlist Rewards is on a mission to help build the best workplace cultures in the world through the power of rewards and recognition.

Bucketlist is a next generation rewards and recognition platform

We all know companies want to reward and recognize their staff and there are a ton of companies who are attempting this. But we’re doing this in a totally different way. Our experiences are radically more engaging because they have an impact on employees’ lives. When you really take care of your employees they perform better and stay longer.

Bucketlist is an employee rewards and recognition platform that enables companies to better motivate and engage their employees. We make it easy and fun for employees and managers to recognize and reward one another for milestones, achievements, and a job well done.

Points earned through recognition can be used in the marketplace, where every employee can find rewards or experiences that are meaningful to them, instead of receiving a boring company coffee mug. Utilizing these two elements creates a foundation for award-winning corporate cultures both in the office and in the new world of remote work.

Bucketlist was founded by Jason Lindstrom in 2012, as someone who loved inspirational ideas and goal-setting, he created the world’s largest goal-setting community at bucketlist.org. Soon thereafter, he had companies reach out to him to establish goal-setting programs at their businesses to help stimulate their culture. Jason saw the opportunity and began the journey into corporate rewards and recognition. 2017 was the first official year of business for Bucketlist Rewards, and it has been growing ever since.

Bucketlist Rewards is now working with companies from a variety of industries such as Orlando Magic (NBA), RBC Bank, Chick-fil-A, Walmart, UT Federal Credit Union, and many others. We primarily focus on North America but have customers all over the world. In 2018 our client 1-800-GOT-JUNK was recognized for having the best recognition program in Canada.

Employee recognition is more than just a thank you for doing a good job. It’s something our brains are hardwired to need. When employees recognize one another for great work and embodying core company values, it results in higher productivity and lower voluntary turnover. Public recognition also breaks down departmental silos as it encourages collaboration even if your office is fully remote.

Here are some recognition and engagement statistics that might blow your mind:

  • Employees who receive strong recognition are 33% more likely to be proactively innovating.
  • Companies with recognition programs that are effective at improving employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover.
  • Organizations with highly engaged employees achieve 2x the annual net income of organizations whose employees lag behind on engagement.

At Bucketlist, we believe we are the best product in the market to help you utilize employee recognition as a tool for your culture. We proudly offer:

  • An enterprise recognition platform: easily turn features on or off to make the platform the perfect fit for your company. We provide peer recognition, manager spot bonuses, performance rewards, innovation and sales rewards, recognizing employee anniversary and even birthdays.
  •   MS Teams, MS Outlook, Office 365
  •   Gmail, Slack, GSuite
  •   And many other tools and HRIS systems
  • Better rewards: with over 4,000 items in 20 different countries, these are rewards your team actually want; ranging from $5 gift cards, to amazing local and international experiences. Plus, you have the ability to add customized rewards specific to your company, such as bonus day off work, undercover parking spot for a month, swag and more.
  • Ongoing Support: you don’t just receive the platform, you also receive ongoing guidance, support and best practices to ensure your organization implements an effective program your staff loves.

We’re on a mission to be known globally as the next generation leader in rewards and recognition, and a brand that inspires others to scratch items off of their Bucketlist.

Bucketlist Rewards

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