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In a noisy world that bombards audiences with more messages than they can digest, Brodeur Partners is a branding, communications, and PR agency committed to helping clients in a wide range of sectors achieve and sustain relevance. When an organization is relevant, it can not only change minds, but behavior. Brodeur Partners was founded in 1985 by John Brodeur in Boston and he was later joined by Andrea Coville, who is now the CEO of Brodeur. It became one of the first global agencies to gain a foothold in Phoenix, where it has thrived for nearly 30 years. Today, Brodeur has a diverse portfolio consisting of key global markets, including education, energy, nonprofit, industrial, and healthcare. Brodeur’s local clients range from large multinational mining operations and major electronic distributors and manufacturers to post-secondary educational institutions. Brodeur is also proud to represent key local nonprofit organizations such as the Arizona Technology Council and the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance.

Brodeur differentiates itself by focusing on relevance, behavioral change, and the ability to bring a discipline-agnostic approach to its clients. Insights from the agency’s deep market and behavioral research have allowed it to develop powerful and effective campaigns that break through the noise in a crowded marketplace.

Despite opportunities to grow by acquiring larger firms, Brodeur has remained committed to serving the market as a mid-size global agency. Brodeur believes its current size allows the agency to remain agile and responsive to client needs, while also having the breadth and depth of resources and talent to deliver award-winning, full-service marketing, and communications campaigns.

Brodeur has also built a rock-solid culture based on prioritizing employee needs. By creating an atmosphere of respect, kindness, and inclusion, Brodeur understands that employees will remain committed to doing the best work possible, build stronger relationships with clients, and become an ambassador of the agency.

The leadership team and senior staff at Brodeur also make it a point to ensure that every voice within the company is heard. A strong agency is built on the knowledge and expertise gained through experience, mixed with forward-thinking and innovative ideas developed through the cultivation of young and hungry talent

Brodeur has applied these strategies and an award-winning culture to gain success on the East Coast, building a portfolio of some of the largest and most reputable companies in the world. This success is what prompted the agency to begin its journey in the Southwest. The company opened an office in Phoenix in 1996, positioning it to serve the region’s growth.

To continue its growth in the Phoenix region, Brodeur acquired TechTHiNQ in 2020, a boutique marketing communications and public relations firm focused on the technology sector. The acquisition allowed the agency to expand upon another guiding principle for the company; developing deep connections within the communities they serve. Clients added through the acquisition range from innovative startups in MedTech to a multibillion-dollar electronics manufacturing technology company.

Today, Brodeur has more than 100 employees, with four offices in the U.S. and 20 international offices, including Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, and London. The agency offers branding, messaging, content, social, media, websites, research, measurement, speaking opportunities, and event services, plus the strategy that brings it all together.

Coville is especially proud of the fact that despite the agency’s growth and success, it has remained innovative–not complacent. They have not sold out, and most importantly, they have remained true to their commitment to an outstanding culture for employees and clients alike.

Brodeur continues to set the standard for creating successful campaigns that can be applied to any market, focused on bolstering its private, public, and nonprofit clients’ relevance in the marketplace. That expertise, combined with the agency’s commitment to improving communities and workplaces through the development of dedicated programs and practices, has established Brodeur as the standout partner for marketing and communications innovation.


  • Andy Coville, CEO Brodeur Partners, named one of PR News’ Top Women in PR, 2019
  • Brodeur Partners named one of PRWeek’s Best Places to Work, 2017
  • Benchmark Electronics (NYSE: BHE) named Large Company Innovator of the Year by the Arizona Technology Council and Arizona Commerce Authority at the 2018 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation (GCOI).

Customer Testimonials:

“From crafting the right messages for our new website to making sure we’re included in the publications that matter most to our audiences, Brodeur Partners has been an outstanding communications partner.” – Teresa Lamberger, VP of Marketing and Strategic Solutions, Benchmark

Future of Innovation

Successful marketing and communications are no longer about creating awareness or changing minds and opinions; it’s about finding insights that create meaning, which leads to behavioral change. It’s about becoming relevant. Brodeur’s innovative relevance methodology, and the future of its industry, is all about helping clients become more relevant by conducting thorough research and then developing campaigns that incite emotion and cause a sensory reaction.

Advice & Best Practices

Improving relevance stems from deep insight into your brand’s target market, and then creating innovative campaigns to connect emotionally with the audience. Brodeur CEO, Andy Coville recommends starting with research, which is essential to developing the insight necessary to reach customers and create behavioral change.

Why Phoenix?

Brodeur opened its Phoenix office in the early ‘90s because its leaders saw the potential growth of the innovation ecosystem here and haven’t been disappointed. Over the past 30 years, Phoenix has become one of the top technology hubs in the nation and has grown into a leader in additional markets critical to Brodeur, such as healthcare, education, defense, and industrial.

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