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When I came to Bristol to study Graphic Design, I found a great place. It’s a small city, that feels like a big city. People have made a lifestyle choice to be here and not in London. Its friendly, collaborative and is full of vibrant stories! It’s exactly the reason why I decided to base my business here.

Telling a story can be complex, but it’s something I am passionate about. My father was an innovative design engineer in motor racing from the 60’s to the 90’s. He had both technical and practical problem-solving skills with very high standards! He had a huge impact on my life, instilling me with core problem-solving skills that help me handle complicated content.

Working alongside my customers allows me to delve a little deeper to identify the intelligent details that make for an engaging and inspiring story. I then combine design methodologies and structural elements, information design, illustration, and photography to create a whole story that has a backbone of complex information but also is a compelling story that is easy to understand.

"There’s so much information out there that you need to do something that’s going to cut through the barrage that people are aced with every day so it stands out and they want to read it. That’s exactly what Diane does for us.”

- - Jenny Claydon, Former Content & Publications Manager, Development Initiatives

Helping Sustrans present ‘Paths for Everyone’ to Parliament, in their fund-raising project to raise over £2  billion to develop the National Cycle Network, was a hugely rewarding project. Multiple stakeholders made for many voices! Distilling the information into an engaging report that contains both research data and community value so it’s not too heavy or dry, was instrumental for conveying the project to a wider audience.

Like many other businesses, being based in Bristol allows me to collaborate locally, but also internationally. Working with the UN OCHA, the financial arm of the United Nations, for the past eight years demonstrates how we can take a dense 60-page data-driven report and present it in an engaging visual way so that non-analysts are interested in reading it. So much so, they entered the Data and Trends report into the Washington Publisher’s Book Design and Effectiveness competition, where it won the Technical Text category in 2015.

In every project, I strive for simplicity in communication and purpose in form or technology to get my client’s business to where it needs to be.

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