When People, Land & Compliance Matter




Our company was established in 1986 during a difficult recession. Grit, determination, and an unwavering pursuit to reimagine what is possible, has gotten us to where we are today. Our ability to consider our role as a company, as leaders, and as a team in relation to the industries we operate in and our impact we have on the land and people, has encouraged us to change our approach to business. Businesses tend to operate under the standards of the status quo; a strict and formulated approach based on what has always been done. This approach to business, however, is no longer achieving expected results. It is also not reflective of our values and does not allow for agility and innovation. We want to continuously elevate, be bolder, and embrace the changes along the way.

We evolved from a small land services company to being the leader in managing all aspects of non-technical risks on development projects in North America. We did this by taking an innovative approach to business and decided to do things our own way. We are an organization that operates with a higher purpose. We are a value driven conscious business. We care deeply about the human aspect of our organization and in the work we do. We approach projects using a wholistic approach. We aim to break down silos. We don’t believe in a transactional approach to business.

Today, we are a ridiculously talented consulting services firm, helping organizations achieve compliance and acceptance for projects that impact people and land. We specialize in navigating intricacies in working with the public, stakeholders, Indigenous communities, regulatory frameworks, and access to land.

We are the new way

Under the stewardship of Brittney Ramsay, Vision Blazer & CEO, Breanne Ramsay, Improvement Architect & CFO, and Dayna Morgan, Innovation Designer & COO, BRITT RADIUS has been transformed into an award-winning, second-generation family business. A conscious business that is proudly women-owned and operated. We care about the impact we make, and we know we want to make a big one. We love the current legacy and impact we have built with our company. It’s in our name. The term RADIUS represents everything we want to continue to build and achieve, in addition to the positive impact we have on our team, company, and beyond.

Merriam-Webster defines RADIUS as “a straight line from the center to the circumference of a circle.” The interesting thing about a circle is that in order to make it larger and have a bigger impact all you need to do is increase its radius. This is how we like to think of BRITT RADIUS as a company. If you want to go big, do more, and have a bigger positive impact, you need to add us to the equation. There is a ripple effect from interacting with us, whether as a client, stakeholder, or community member. Who we are as a company extends from the center of our very core as business owners, leaders, and team members beyond BRITT RADIUS’ walls.

At BRITT RADIUS we have a powerful and dynamic team that is evolving and redefining the way people live and organizations operate. Leaders and technical experts in our field, our executive and management team is comprised of strong influential leaders who are advocates of entrepreneurship, women in leadership, family business, and the new way of doing business.

To learn more about BRITT RADIUS, our work, our award-winning team, our engagements, and our impact, visit Our resources are spread throughout Western Canada with offices in Calgary, Stony Plain, Grande Prairie, and Fort St John.

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