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In 1987, Chuck Widger started Brinker Capital on the front porch of his home on Brinker Road in Barrington Hills, Illinois, as a way to bring institutional-quality investment solutions to retail investors. Acting on his idea, Chuck believed that meaningful diversification, over time, helps keep investors invested, and ultimately reach their goals. Today, we remain focused on the evolving needs of investors and have grown to over 160 professionals responsible for $22.9 billion in assets under management.*

For over 30 years, we’ve believed that investing is more than beating benchmarks and indices; investing is personal and should be focused on investor returns, not investment returns. We offer a range of institutional-quality solutions built on our long-standing multi-asset class investment philosophy and wealth management experience.

Through our time-tested, disciplined investment process, we focus on asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio construction to deliver better outcomes for investors. From wealth accumulation to income strategies to supplementing income, we offer a series of portfolios designed to help investors achieve their goals. Our process is continually evolving, enabling our team of investment professionals to embrace new ideas around strategies, asset classes, and refine our multi-asset class construct.
When Brinker Capital was established, Chuck wanted to create an organization that embraced the principles he saw as common threads among successful companies. So, he established a company that not only emphasized the importance of client relationships, but also as a workplace that embraced the ideas of diversity and family. And today, under the leadership of Noreen D. Beaman, Chief Executive Officer, the company’s core values have evolved to reflect our authentic culture that supports the needs of the workforce and clients we serve.

We believe for individuals, character is destiny. And for organizations, culture is destiny.

Brinker Capital’s Core Values

People first: everything we do is in support of improving the lives of our investors, financial advisors, partners, employees, and community.
Independent: we value our independence and take it into consideration when making decisions.
Entrepreneurial spirit: we embrace critical questioning and innovation to continually improve our investment solutions, technology, and service.
Service driven: we are authentic, accountable, and dedicated to the long-term success of everyone we serve.
Focused on outcomes: we have an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional investment experiences.
Our core values have guided our work with financial advisors and their clients to provide the highest quality investment manager due diligence, asset allocation, portfolio construction, and client communication services. We believe for individuals, character is destiny. And for organizations, culture is destiny.
Brinker Capital Inc., a registered investment advisor.
*As of September 30, 2018

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