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The best and most effective companies adopt disruptive technologies and harness them to transform their businesses large and small. We live in a world of increasing change and pressure—whether from digital transformation, regulation, Brexit, trade disputes, Amazon, automation, disruptive startups, or disruptive technologies… The pressure is immense. In response, companies are increasingly adopting Automation software to improve accuracy, speed, and productivity.

Our clients have the opportunity to transform their customer experience with Automation. We’ve all seen what bad Automation looks like – automated response systems that frustrate rather than improve the customer experience, for example. But we’ve also seen what great Automation looks like voice-activated directions on your phone, for example. Our clients have the opportunity to make incredible customer experiences, aided by Automation.

It’s really important to pick something important to do, because the most precious commodity any company has is focus. We have a limited amount of focus, we have to invest it in something that really matters—to us, and to our business.

– Scott Francis, CEO

Planning and executing a great Automation strategy is no small task, however, and this is why our clients choose to work with BP3 – with over a decade of experience and thousands of successful experiences adding Automation to our clients’ businesses. We’ll use Design Sprints and our own methodology to zero in on what matters most – focusing all of us on what matters.

We’re a full-service provider of Intelligent Automation solutions. From Opportunity Discovery to finding the best ideas; to Design Sprints for refining the best ideas; to projects for creating immediate impact ROI; to programs for transforming the enterprise; and to providing Automation as a Service for longterm sustainability – BP3 is your partner for successful Intelligent Automation solutions.
We all know instinctively, that changing the way businesses operate isn’t as simple as buying the next software product and rolling it out. Our clients need a partner in their journey who helps them leverage market innovations into real business outcomes.
What really gets us excited is the opportunity to help our clients be heroes for their business. Whether running a big project inside a billion-dollar company or running an impactful but small project at a $100M firm, we are here to make them heroes. In fact, every year we put our clients on stage at Driven, our annual conference, to share their success and build their brand.

BP3 started in 2007 in a Starbucks coffee shop. From these humble beginnings, we have been honored to be eventually recognized as a Best Place to Work by Fortune Magazine, the Austin Business Journal, and the Austin-American Statesman. Our team is our greatest asset.
We’ve always relished BP3’s underdog status. BP3 has twice been recognized by Forrester in its Digital Process Automation Service Provider wave in 2016 and 2018 as a Leader, going head-to-head with global systems integrators. In that leading wave, we have out-scored companies that are literally 1000 times our size. And we believe that reflects the great results we offer our clients:
“Compared with those of other vendors, BP3’s reference customers were more satisfied with project performance and on-time, on-budget delivery.” — Forrester, 2018.
Our culture and our team are what drives these results. Recognition is only a result of taking care of our team, who then build great Automation solutions for our clients every year.

Scott Francis, CEO

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